Flowroute introduces Communication Application Program

Seattle-based Flowroute that provides telecommunication services for businesses has launched its Flowroute Communication Application Program to help developers accelerate time-to-market, reduce development costs, and remove the barriers of delivering carrier-grade messaging capabilities within their applications and services. According to company, the first three modules are written in Python, include phone number masking, two-factor authentication, and appointment reminders. Founded in 2007, Flowroute claims to control the communication flow between developers and SaaS providers and focuses on delivering simplified, programmatic ways for developers to manage communication experiences in their applications and services. It delivers call control, transparency, and a RESTful API to manage all telephony resources. Flowroute Communication Application Program is designed to quickly execute SMS messaging into applications that will enable developers to focus on producing compelling user experiences.

The initial application containers includes:

  • Phone Number Masking– SMS Proxy is a microservice that enables to send proxy SMS messages between two recipients using a Flowroute TN (telephone number) as the intermediary layer. The two participants of a session both send SMS messages to the same TN and are able to receive those messages on their own devices, never exposing either recipient’s actual phone number.
  • Two Factor Authentication– This is also a microservice that allows the user to add an extra layer of security to the application and it is also possible to generate an authorization code. After the code is generated it can be sent to a specified recipient by SMS. The recipient responds to that code in order to allow access to that application.
  • Appointment Remainders– This microservice permits to send appointment reminders to users. For instance, one can use it to remind medical appointment. This service can be used to send a reminder to a patient at a specific time reminding the patient of an upcoming appointment. The patient is them prompted to confirm yes or no for the appointment.
Sean Hsieh, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Flowroute said:
“Our goal as a company is to make advanced communications easier and more accessible to the developer community. The Flowroute Communication Application Program came to fruition as a result of our experience helping our customers with these valuable use cases. We are excited to continue to add new applications to the program that developers can leverage to differentiate their user experiences.”
Flowroute’s SMS capabilities enable developers to simplify the integration of text messaging into their offerings. It combines calling and messaging with a single phone number through single provider and API. Companies are able to create seamless customer experiences that deliver consistent, personalized interactions leveraging both voice and text-based communications.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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