Fujitsu’s launches IoT solution to transform manufacturing

Japanese IT equipment and services company, Fujitsu, has announced the launch of an IoT solution, FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution VisuaLine, that visualizes the operational status of the manufacturing process based on log data of operating results collected from a factory’s equipment. This solution collects log data from the manufacturing equipment, and visualizes the operational status for each individual product in a variety of formats, such as graphs. The users can see the portions of the process that are taking more time than usual by comparing these graphs on a daily basis, and enable them to quickly discover anomalies. This helps users in discerning the problems based on the log data, such as allowing the failing equipment to discover new places and improve the manufacturing facilities or to establish policies.

Features of VisuaLine

  • Provides visualizations in which anyone can determine anomalies at a glance This system uses log data for all of the manufacturing equipment involved in the production process for an individual product, from beginning to end, and visualizes this data in a graph that displays process time as a waveform. This makes it possible to grasp the operational status at a glance.
  • Field trial-proven video links, estimated vs. actual visualization and equipment visualization By linking information from graphs to cameras installed in a manufacturing facility, and then clicking on points in the graph the user would like to see, such as anomalies, it is possible to check video of that point in time, such as what happened at that location or what countermeasures were taken. In addition, this system enables users to search for places to improve based on where they fell short of goals, through a comparative visualization function that compares scheduled process goals and actual results. It also enables users to study the most efficient processes through an equipment visualization function that can check the production line path for each product.
  • Easy to implement IoT initiatives in manufacturing facilities This solution utilizes performance data from existing equipment as is, so IoT-based improvement of manufacturing facilities can be started immediately. With the ability to have small starts that keep initial investments in check, deployment from a single line can be rolled out and expanded to other factories.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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