Google Apps for Work has a Nimble CRM now

Social CRM, Nimble, has partnered with Google for Work to provide an Integrated Sales and Marketing CRM Suite within Google Apps — Gmail, Contacts, Hangouts, Google+, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Drive. “CRMs fail due to lack of use. Nobody wants to constantly be in their CRM, manually editing and updating contact records. Nimble is the first relationship platform that automatically creates records with rich insights and logs all email and social interactions,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO, Nimble. “The combination of Google Apps for Work with Nimble’s Small Business CRM Productivity Suite will enable millions of businesses across the world to build relationships that accelerate business growth.” The integration of Nimble into Google Apps minimizes manual data entry by building the CRM from data — contacts, company records, calendar inputs and Drive attachments — pulled in from the company’s Google Apps.

A CRM Dashboard on Top of Google Apps for Work

Google Chrome

The Nimble Smart Contacts App for Google Chrome allows users to work with every app in the browser including the email Inbox, calendar, contacts, social media sites and other business apps.


All contact details, deals, events, and other messages can be easily pulled into the CRM.

Google Calendar

Calendars, scheduled events, and daily agenda can be easily synced.

Google Drive

Documents pertaining to deals, contacts and company information can be easily attached from Google Drive, giving the CRM the power of cloud collaboration. Joseph Kelly, Product Marketing Manager, Nimble, gives a user case of Convert, an enterprise A/B testing tool, on how it uses the social CRM and Google Apps for Work together. Convert’s CEO Dennis van der Heijden, tells Kelly, “Since Convert is a small and agile team, we are always collaborating on shared documents and client communication to allow every team member to give their input. In Nimble we search and filter the customer segments that we communicate with and do a quick export. By using Nimble tags and Google Spreadsheets, we build spiders and use manual labor to enrich spreadsheets and rank leads. This allows us to use the best of both worlds.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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