Google's Backup and Sync replaces Drive and Photos

Google has introduced what it claims to be a simpler, speedier and more reliable way to protect files and photos for its customers. Calling it the Google Backup and Sync tool, launched for both Mac and Windows, it replaces the Google Drive and Google Photos desktop uploader. With this tool, the company states users can sync videos, photos and all kinds of files from various external and internal storage sources. However, this does not replace the applications, Drive and Photos can still be used to download the tool, the only thing that has changed is the way consumers can upload their data on to the cloud and use it offline. In lay-man terms, a user has to deploy the Drive sync client in one’s desktop/ PC for sync local files to Drive on the web, which automatically made it available on other devices of the said user. Google has just changed the name of the Drive Sync Client from Google Drive for Mac/PC to Backup and Sync. When a users installs the Drive sync client, it creates a folder on the desktop/ PC named Google Drive. Anything the user puts into this folder syncs with a folder named My Drive in Drive on the web (cloud), and becomes available on all other Drive devices of the user. Being a two-way sync, changes made online reflect on all devices and vice-versa. With Backup and Sync, the user can also sync Photos and other folders on the desktop/ PC, as well as USB devices and SD cards. According to the company, Backup and Sync is the latest version of Drive for Mac/ PC and is now integrated with Google photos desktop uploader, for regular users it will adhere to current settings for Drive for Mac/ PC on the admin panel. Going forward, the company states that this new version is only for B2C consumers and urges the enterprise G-Suite customers to keep using Drive for Mac/ PC. The reason behind this is that the company is soon going to launch its enterprise focused solution called Drive File Stream, which is available through Google’s Early Adopter Program Google states that the Drive File Stream will be rolled out generally later this year to all G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains. It will allow users to access huge corporate data sets without taking up the equivalent space on their hard drives. Having said that, Google confirmed that it would not automatically upgrade G Suite users from Drive for Mac/PC to Backup and Sync at this time. Though if enterprise companies allow users to install Drive for Mac/PC on their own computers, they will be able to download and upgrade to Backup and Sync when it launches. However if the enterprise does not allow Google Drive for Mac/PC, users will not be able to use Backup and Sync with their G Suite accounts.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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