Say 'Hello', to Solaborate's new cross-platfrom communication device

Solaborate, a Los Angeles headquartered company that aims to provide professionals and companies tools and services to enhance business operations and collaborations has launched HELLO, a 4K (video sensor) cross-platform TV communication platform. The product is a voice-controlled device that can be used as a smart-home gadget or office appliance. The HELLO campaign is live on Kickstarter and is estimating a December dispatch of pre-ordered products, says the company.

What is HELLO?

HELLO works as an extension of the Solaborate platform, designed for both individuals and teams working remotely. It can be mounted over a television and is voice-operated. In doing so, it hopes to substitute high-end video conferencing systems in a cost-efficient manner and help teams collaborate better. It is engineered with an array of four smart Microphones, a 4K video sensor and quad-core processor working together to guarantee that every person in the room is seen and heard clearly. Reportedly, it also features a built-in accelerometer, tilting and 130° lens of vision, to ensure easy setup on any TV and the image captured is of the highest quality. According to the company, it doesn’t require any additional hardware installation and connects to a TV via HDMI cable which can be accessed via the HELLO app on the user’s phone. The setup can be completed by flashing the QR code generated by the app to HELLO’s lens. It also claims to provide solutions to problems persisting with video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting and security surveillance with motion detection.

Physical Features:

Hello Labinot Bytyqi, Founder & CEO, Solaborate, said:
“We didn’t see anything else better on the market and decided to create it ourselves. HELLO is for the people, at an affordable price point, built for modern businesses, professionals, freelancers and creators. It cuts out the cost of networked conferencing hardware and IT services to install and maintain it. We’re truly bringing professional-grade video conferencing to everyone, anywhere, on any device.”
“We’ve designed a unique and powerful solution that combines hardware and software to break collaboration barriers in your office or home,” Bytyqi added. Founded in the year 2012, Solaboarte, created HELLO technology with the help of three teams and several outside collaborators to cut out the cost of networked conferencing hardware and IT services to install and maintain it. It is available for Android, Mac OS, Windows, Web and TVs with HELLO device.

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