Huawei introduces Cloud Managed Network solution for enterprises

Huawei, the global information and communication technology provider has introduced a Cloud Managed Network solution that enables cloud-based wireless and wired network planning and management for small-medium businesses, large enterprises with branch networks, and Internet of Things (IoT). Unveiled during Interop Las Vegas, the Cloud Managed Network (CMN) solution will support public and private cloud, and will be available to enterprises through managed service providers (MSP).

Chang Yue, Chief Architect, Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei, says, “IoT, mobility, and cloud are requiring large-scale, on-demand enterprise network expansion. The Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) architecture, as an enabler for SDN and NFV, boosts service agility with highly efficient operations and maintenance, and supports fast service deployment.”

How does the CMN work?

Huawei’s Cloud Managed Network solution will manage wireless access points, switches, firewalls, access routers, and enterprise gateways. The Cloud Managed Network solution will be applicable to three major scenarios: SMB/Branch, large enterprise campus, and IoT that achieves edge computing. The CMN will consist of a Cloud management platform, a full series of Huawei Agile Network equipment on which cloud management is based, including APs, firewalls, switches, and access routers (which can be integrated with the CMN solution with a software upgrade), and a cloud-based network planning tool, mobile O&M app, as well as a cloud-based preventive maintenance inspection tool.

The CMN solution will be supporting both public cloud-based management and on-premise private cloud management. It will provide flexible, secure service capabilities, including multi-level user management and fine-tuned policy control for large enterprises. The solution will also act as a service-provisioning platform, enabling the quick provisioning of value-added services.

How will Huawei deploy CNM?

Though the CNM is currently available for testing by MSPs, the company plans to use three models to provide its solution. Via MSP/carrier-hosted public cloud, where MSPs and carriers will purchase the Huawei cloud management platform and deploy it on their own or a third-party public cloud to provide cloud management services to enterprise customers. Through enterprise private cloud, where enterprises will purchase Huawei network hardware and the corresponding Cloud Managed Network solution licenses, which will be available from the first quarter of 2017 and through Huawei-hosted public cloud.

Ma Da, General Manager, Solutions, Switch and Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei, says, “Massive numbers of network nodes can result in complicated network O&M and management problems to SMBs, campus networks, and IoT deployments. Huawei’s Cloud Managed Network solution delivers elasticity, openness, and service automation, and provides a secure, reliable, unified platform for Big Data analytics and value-added services. As part of our ‘All Cloud’ strategy for enterprises, Huawei will assist our customers in the cloud migration of enterprise IT infrastructure. Huawei’s Cloud Management Network solution is a key element in simplifying that migration.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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