Huawei enhances public cloud capabilities to deliver HPC applications

Global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, Huawei has released the public-cloud-based HPC Cloud Solution 2.0 at ISC17. It has been developed based on the OpenStack architecture and has been enhanced in performance compared with the previous version . The new solution is co-developed by Huawei and Mellanox based on InfiniBand and is claimed as the first HPC public cloud solution providing 100 Gbit/s EDR computing network capabilities in the industry. In addition, this solution uses high-performance local storage to improve the overall HPC computing performance and instant data erase and storage encryption to enhance security.
“We are pleased to cooperate with Mellanox in HPC public cloud solutions, helping Huawei further enhance Huawei public cloud capabilities based on Mellanox’s advanced technologies in the HPC interconnection industry and provide more choices for customers. This cooperation will accelerate cloud-oriented transformation for industrial customers and assist enterprises in continuous innovation in HPC services,” said Sun Jiawei, Director, IT Business Development Dept, Huawei.
The HPC solution will be firstly rolled out on Open Telekom Cloud, a public cloud platform jointly provided by Huawei and Deutsche Telekom in Europe. It uses high-performance Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), Bare Metal Service, and heterogeneous computing acceleration, InfiniBand-based 100 Gbit/s EDR computing network capabilities, as well as parallel file system storage capabilities.
“The public cloud is the perfect fit for all customers demanding short-term powerful computing capacities. With the new HPC features, we furthermore enhanced Open Telekom Cloud and broadened our range of use cases for each industry,” said Andreas Falkner, Vice President, Open Telekom Cloud.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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