HyperGrid launches HyperCloud to accelerate app transformation

HyperGrid, an application delivery platform that solves the key challenges of DevOps for enterprises, today announced the immediate availability of HyperCloud. It is a hybrid cloud service that offers application, platform and infrastructure services to accelerate transformation and delivery of business applications that drive innovation and competitive advantage.

HyperCloud’s key capabilities

HyperCloud claims to provide a full scale-out application platform to datacenter as a service, aiming to deliver true cloud agility and economics inside one’s datacenter. The new service aims to modernize existing legacy applications without making a single code change and using the existing skill sets within your organization. Its containerization capabilities allow users to “lift and shift” existing Java and .NET applications to containers while taking care of the complex application dependencies, automatic service discovery, auto-scaling and integration with any external service (e.g., storage, networking, logging, etc.). Furthermore, it is designed to deploy applications to the best fit environment, whether apps are on premises on HyperCloud’s infrastructure, or on one of the eighteen public clouds or virtualization platforms supported. HyperGrid claims that the service also eliminates cloud lock-in through workload migration across environments; including physical to virtual (P2V), virtual to virtual (V2V) and Lift, Containerize and Shift (LCS) migration services. “We are the world’s only IT utility company; our vision for HyperCloud is to consume IT, not build IT. With our release of HyperCloud, we build on our value proposition of delivering IT as a utility on-premises with no upfront CapEx, enabling our customers to innovate and reduce cost and complexity,” said Nariman Teymourian, Chairman and CEO, HyperGrid.
“HyperGrid has experienced 343% YoY growth with its as-a-service model since the July launch of the company, and with these new capabilities, I am confident we will continue to add momentum to disrupting the traditional infrastructure and cloud market,” he added.

HyperCloud claims to offer the following benefits:

Accelerate Innovation: Drive business innovation by transforming existing applications and bringing new applications to market faster with rapid scaling and no upfront cost. Simplify IT: Simplify and increase IT efficiency, on premises and in the cloud, while maintaining IT control. Automate the self-service provisioning and management of application, platform, containers and infrastructure services on HyperCloud’s high-performance, secure, scale-out infrastructure or on any of the eighteen public clouds and virtualization platforms supported. Reduce Costs: Total cost of ownership for running applications goes down significantly with less management effort needed. Companies can focus on higher value activities. No upfront CapEx payments: Companies pay only for what they use. Reduced risk: Simple, free switching and technology stack upgrade. Start with no out-of-pocket cost by signing up for HyperGrid’s SaaS offering or deploy on-premises with an industry-leading infrastructure. HyperGris HyperCloud “HyperCloud delivers on HyperGrid’s vision – delivering applications in a true “as-a-service” model. We believe this is truly innovative for the industry and exactly what customers and partners have been wanting to see for several years now,” said Manoj Nair, Chief Product Officer, HyperGrid.
“The end-to-end stack offered with HyperCloud eliminates the need for “piece parts” IT purchasing and provides an application-centric approach for management, instead of a VM-centric approach provided by traditional IaaS and infrastructure providers,” Nair added.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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