Impexium adopts Zoomdata analytics to monetize membership data

Impexium, a global provider of membership management technology, announced that it will be offering Zoomdata, a developer of visual analytics platform for big data, to its customer base of local, state, and national associations, non-profits, professional societies and member-based organizations. The company also plans to offer Zoomdata’s analytics suite as an app in its Association Management System (AMS). “Imagine understanding the members of your organization so well that you know what additional benefits to offer them, when they’ll need to take advantage of a service you offer or the likelihood they will renew or not. This is now a reality,” said Nick Halsey, CMO, Zoomdata.
“With Impexium and Zoomdata, associations will be uniquely positioned to build lasting, high-value relationships with members by transforming membership and organization data into insights that drive member engagement and staff actions.”

A move towards advanced analytics and visualization tools

Impexium explains that its enterprise functionality combines the benefits of a SaaS model to deliver a ‘mobile-first, fully responsive, analytics driven platform’ to support the full range of association business, administrative and membership activities. By integrating Zoomdata into its baseline functionality, it aims to bring to customers critical insights necessary to:
  • Take action based on facts rather than intuition
  • Proactively respond to changing conditions with members, prospects and partners
  • Enable intelligent interactions with individuals and organizations in real time
Natively architected for both cloud and on-premises deployments, Zoomdata claims that its microservices architecture delivers visual analysis of big datasets in seconds. Its patented Data Sharpening technology is designed to deliver quick visual analytics for real-time streaming and historical data. Its streaming architecture makes this possible by using Apache Spark as a complementary high performance engine. Impexium adopts Zoomdata analyticsFurthermore, Zoomdata Fusion aims to enable users to perform analytics across disparate data sources in a single view – without the need to move or transform data. “Impexium contains a seemingly endless amount of historical, financial, social and demographic data on members, former members, prospects and more. That’s a lot of data. But, this data is useless unless it tells a story and enhances our customer’s ability to drive desired results. Zoomdata will help Impexium’s customers unlock the value hidden in their membership data,” said Barry Malek, Chief Executive Officer. According to Malek, the ease of use in building and creating visualizations combined with Zoomdata’s deep feature set, such as the ability to drill down into the underlying data sources, allows all levels of the association to access the real-time insights required to respond to changing market conditions and drive results.
“Zoomdata enables Impexium’s customers to better understand the “why” and not just the “what” of their membership data. We’re really excited to offer flexible but powerful analytics and visualization tools to help associations achieve new levels of value and insight from their existing data and IT investments,” he added.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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