Latest upgrade of iSheriff includes forensic analytics

California-based cyber security solution provider, iSheriff has announced “major” upgrades to its SaaS-based cyber security platform iSheriff Complete. The upgrade includes forensic analytics, and enhanced footprint in APAC. John Mutch, CEO, iSheriff, said, “Traditional anti-malware solutions, which depend on relentless and timely updates to remain effective, are inadequate against today’s growing security threats. At iSheriff, we understand the needs of our customers and our cloud-based security product is constantly being updated with their necessities in mind.
“Delivered as a continuously updated, all-in-one cloud service that is simple to deploy and manage from a single pane-of-glass console, iSheriff provides the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your data and devices from digital threats.”
Founded in 1999, iSheriff claims to offer services to over 3,000 enterprises and competes the likes of Security Mentor, MediaPro and Wombat Security.

iSheriff platform expansion includes:

  • Next-generation forensic analytics: This allows customers a complete view of their network.The backend has been upgraded to combine incidence analysis from web, email and machine level feedback, in order to better recognize and control the growing ransomware threat.
  • Expansive reporting capabilities: Reporting is contained within all three vectors — web, email and endpoint all available in the Threat Intelligence Console. This provides improved visibility to the vast numbers of stopped threats and traffic statistics based on network monitoring and threat analysis.
  • Upgraded email continuity: The company offers intelligent backup and recovery of email seamlessly in the cloud and has upgraded the email archiving server for greater capabilities sand safety.
  • Enhanced footprint in Asia Pacific: iSheriff has expanded its Asia Pacific (APAC) region capabilities, adding capacity to data centers as Asian business increases.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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