Kloudless rolls out its enterprise SaaS offering

California-based Application Programming Interface Company, Kloudless has introduced a self-hosted and on-premise version of Kloudless Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering named as Kloudless Enterprise, where, more than 10,000 developers have created applications which can be integrated with multiple file storage services. According to the company, with this launch, enterprises can install and manage Kloudless in the security of their own private networks. Kloudless claims that the service offers powerful integrations to Dropbox, Box, Microsoft SharePoint, and more than 20 other cloud and on-premise file storage services. Enterprises get the advantage of all the processes that are available in the cloud version and keeping all their customers’ data on their own network at the same time. All the data is restricted to the user’s private infrastructure and never passes through Kloudless server. It is built for developers as well as enterprises and provides a data complete integration experience with functionalities like cross-account search, real-time event notifications, the ability to connect to on-premises storage services and file shares via a remote agent and audit data tracking. Eliot Sun, CEO and Co-founder of Kloudless, said:
Many businesses using our APIs are building software that serve highly regulated markets like financial institutions and government agencies. We are excited to make it easier for our customers to meet enterprise-grade data security and regulatory compliance requirements. Offering Kloudless Enterprise is an important step in ensuring that we are providing software developers with the best integration tools.

Features of Kloudless Enterprise:

  • Security: Applications and security updates are provided by Kloudless, thus, the user has to configure the instance to meet the security and regulatory needs.
  • Availability: Kloudless Enterprise claims to support high availability and disaster recovery through clustering, using an external load balancer, and an external data store.
  • Scalability: The application engine dynamically adjusts to the cluster being scaled either vertically (CPUs, RAM) or horizontally.
  • Administration: Its Management API gives the user programmatic control over Kloudless apps and associated API keys.
  • Updates: It releases system and code updates that user can apply through management console. It don’t update user’s instance without permission.
  • Kloudless Connect: users can connect applications to its customers’ private, on-premise repositories.
Vinod Chandru, CTO and Co-founder of Kloudless, said:
Customers often come to us with stringent performance requirements. For example, some common security use cases necessitate real-time event information and as much file metadata as possible. Kloudless Enterprise comes with a robust set of management tools that makes it easy to personalize the setup and performance to meet any customer’s unique needs.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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