KATIE: Knowlarity's AI platform for advanced customer communications

Knowlarity, a cloud communications provider, has today announced the launch of Knowlarity Artificial Intelligence Experience (KATIE) platform. It is designed specifically to Enterprise scale by processing a massive amount of data in near real-time using powerful backend services. In the frontend, it is enriched by a combination of AI based query and visualizations that enhance user ease and enriches user experience. According to the company, AI and Analytics can track key business communication metrics and systems 24×7 while creating alerts immediately when anything anomalous happens, keeping the business completely secure. As a part of the above suite of AI-powered services, Knowlarity has also announced the launch of its “Personalized Contextual Automated Calls” powered by advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) services.
“We have reimagined cloud telephony like never before and are set to create another disruption in the domain with the launch of our highly futuristic tool of AI-powered cloud telephony. Through its implementation, businesses will not only cut down on their operational costs and efforts but also optimise their operations and deliver highly personalized messages to their customers simultaneously,” said Ajay Shrivastava, Chief Technology Officer, Knowlarity.
Leveraging TTS on Knowlarity requires businesses to upload the database containing customer numbers and other dynamic data points onto its cloud. The information entered is processed to initiate the call blast. Parallel calls are then made, delivering highly personalized messages to customers. It can help in automated reminders, KYC verifications, appointment booking, OTP sharing, and order confirmation. This allows businesses to maintain an impeccable quality in consumer-focused communications. “For example, e-commerce players can send out an automated call to the customer to confirm their availability before the delivery boy’s visit. This not only reduces the no-show but also allows them to boost their last-mile operations. Businesses now have unparalleled control over their communication settings through Knowlarity, which has become the harbinger of a revolution in the business communication domain,” Shrivastava explained. By enabling high-quality automated communications for both promotional and transactional applications for businesses, the company aims to bring down operational costs, improve SLAs and unlock better operational efficiencies. KATIE is currently available to key customers of Knowlarity and will be made available to all of their enterprise customers shortly.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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