Kony brings omni-channel capabilities to its mobility platform with 'Nitro'

Enterprise mobility company, Kony, has introduced major updates to its Kony Mobility Platform and has also introduced Nitro, an omni-channel technology. Nitro makes it easier for mobile app developers to build secure, rich native, hybrid and web apps that work across multiple devices and operating systems (OS), using visual design and development tools to accelerate the delivery of new apps. According to the company, people find themselves compromised with their choices when choosing solutions. The solutions don’t offer them the choice of speed, control, and great user experiences within a single device. It also restricts them from reusing their existing skill sets, outsource agency skill sets and development frameworks. Kony Nitro address all these challenges confidently and engages the organizations in the digital transformation without any compromise.
“Ask any CIO what’s on the top of their agenda, and digital transformation will certainly be on that list. But successful digital transformation requires enterprises to bring together an omni-channel strategy that connects across mobile and web initiatives,” said Dave Shirk, president of Products, Strategy and Marketing, Kony.
Nitro’s cross-platform JavaScript API enables the enterprise to create low-code, fully native, and hybrid mobile and web applications, guarantee support for new devices and OS update, and easily integrate with existing enterprise services and data. The customers can experience all these features in Kony Visualizer. Kony Visualizer is is the front end of powerful, omni-channel JS API framework and enables designers and developers to securely deploy across all devices. It also provides the new Kony Nitro Engine that supports powerful visual drag-and-drop, low-code design tools, prototype sharing, and full-stack development capabilities.

Kony Nitro’s omni-channel capabilities comprises:

  • Flexible and comprehensive app development: Customer gets all the styles cross-platform native, web and hybrid developments into a single handset. They can either choose the style according to their needs or can combine a mix of all the three developments.
  • Omni-channel solution with 100 percent access to native iOS and Android features: Take full advantage of the native OS, access to all APIs using JavaScript or can mix and match the components iOS and Android.
  • Open web standards support including HTML5, Cordova, Angular + any JavaScript frameworks: Maximum development flexibility by reusing existing HTML5, Cordova, and other popular JavaScript frameworks and skillsets that may have already been developed.
  • Automatically enables advanced security, analytic and backend integration: Build a native, web or hybrid app on Kony Nitro and automatically inherit Kony’s advanced security measures, including tamper-proof protection and whitebox cryptography. Developers can also get insight into users’ behavior and app performance and a consistent approach to accessing backend APIs through Kony MobileFabric.
The Kony Mobile Fabric accelerate mobile backend application development. It is agile, open and secure. It speeds development and increases flexibility, works with familiar open standards, existing skill sets, and integrate to existing enterprise identity, includes multiple backend identities within a single app.
“The marketplace shift to omni-channel development spanning native, web and hybrid styles adds new complexity and drives new market requirements. Customers can optimize their current approach to get the best user experience, speed or control, but they usually never get all three at the same time,” said Burley Kawasaki, Senior Vice President, Products, Kony.
“The latest updates to the Kony Mobility Platform address these issues head-on, giving customers complete access to full OS and device capabilities, the ability to reuse existing skills, access to web app components and a broad ecosystem of open source and third party frameworks, and the ability for rapid development using single visual design tools” he added.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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