Kore Bots Platform to help developers create customizable bots

Kore, a bots and messaging player for the enterprise sector, has announced the launch of its Bots Platform in early August. The new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) has been constructed to enable companies and developers for designing, creating and delivering Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled bots for use in any communication channel. According to the company, with Bots Platform, users can “chat” with Kore-built bots via text, e-mail, popular messaging tools such as Facebook, Slack, or Kore’s own enterprise-grade messaging platform, within a company website or mobile app. The platform will also be integrated with Kora, Kore’s proprietary virtual assistant for work, who will help users complete tasks across multiple systems. “We’ve quickly reached the point where having an app for everything is more overwhelming than helpful both at work and in our personal lives,” said Raj Koneru, CEO, Kore. “The solution is clearly bots, but building bots for the enterprise – that go beyond fancy notification systems to provide significant value – is unchartered territory for most developers, and that presents a challenge.”
Our platform empowers developers of all sophistication levels to build bots that truly converse with and guide employees, teams and customers through once time consuming tasks, in a manner that is consistent, scalable, and repeatable. The Kore Bots Platform is elevating bot technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence from novelty to necessity.

Key features of the Kore Bots Platform

Kore’s new platform claims to be equipped with a NLP engine that facilitates intent recognition, and comes pre-programmed with task and field level synonyms. The engine also provides supervised learning of additional patterns, which further alleviates the technical savvy required for building and refining bots on the Kore Platform. NLP engine, the company explains, increases the usability and convenience of a bot, allowing it to not just follow commands; but to understand how you operate and, eventually, over the course of time and repetition, be able to predict your next move. Additionally, the platform lets enterprises decide how to manage and use each bot and in what capacity. It enhances security with AES 256 bit encryption, single sign-on capabilities, customizable data retention options, and rich tracking and analytics, even the most regulated industries, such as healthcare and financial services, can protect sensitive information and meet compliance mandates. Another feature that will be added to the August release, according to Kore, will be the Kore Bot Store that comes pre-loaded with more than 130+ ready-to-use enterprise and personal bots. Kore enables administrators and IT to retain complete oversight of bot distribution and use, while users explore bots by function or industry, and receive personalized recommendations for new bots based on their current and future needs. Enterprises can also select, customize and create an approved collection of bots for their organization’s own private enterprise bot store. According to the company, the Bots Platform will allow developers and businesses to place bots within the communication channels that best suit their needs. “Kore has been developing actionable, enterprise-grade bots for the most complex enterprise systems, and some of the most security conscious companies for more than a year now,” said Brett Azuma, SVP, Research, 451 Research.
The enterprise market and developers can now leverage the insights gained from work with these forward-looking companies, and the technology and bot development expertise Kore gained throughout the process, to remove barriers to enterprise bot adoption.
Kore is first aiming to launch the bots in the most popular communication and digital channels. Henceforth, it plans to add other messaging and social collaboration channels and voice or text based virtual assistants over the next few months.

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