MapmyIndia eLoc: India's first digital address system

Technology provider, MapmyIndia has launched eLoc, the country’s first nation-wide “Digital Address” that aims to make doorstep navigation easy and quick. It is an alphanumeric six character code that can be generated for any building, flat, office, business, city, village, locality, and road address across India, for easy navigation and location sharing.
“We see eLoc as the most simple, precise and powerful way of locating addresses, navigating to them and sharing information about addresses/places/buildings/flats etc. I am confident that MapmyIndia eLoc is a powerful idea whose time has come, and which will benefit hundreds of millions of Indians, millions of Indian businesses and thousands of government departments at all levels across India,” said Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.
The company claims that MapmyIndia eLoc will transform historical addresses into digital and eliminate the complexity of multi-line address. It is the Aadhaar of addresses which is easy to remember, share, type and provide. According to the company, this new digital address will minimize time and effort and help ecommerce businesses in navigating end user’s address. The company is open to partnership with other map service providers who can integrate eLoc data and APIs into their own platform, states a Team-BHP report. Additionally, It will help Indian travelers and commuters to search, share and navigate destinations’ exact doorstep far more easily and quickly. It will also reduce money and fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the ecommerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains. According to the media sources, the company has currently generated two crore eLocs across the country. Prior to this, MapmyIndia had partnered with machine-to-machine (M2M) communications company, Aeris for offering geospatial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in India. Last month, the company launched Rover Bike, an IoT device that connects to bikes and provides users with the bike’s location and other details. The company had also launched DriveMate, a solution for cars with similar functions, after having partnered with Avis car rentals to connect all its cars with tablets in 2015.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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