Netsurion launches advanced security solutions for multi-location SMBs

Netsurion, a provider of managed data and network security services for multi-location businesses, has announced the launches of two security information and event management (SIEM)-based advanced threat detection solutions. The first is a managed SIEM solution called SIEM-at-the-Edge, designed specifically to protect multi-location businesses through the implementation of SIEM technology directly on workstations, combining security event monitoring capabilities with managed detection and response (MDR). The second offering, Breach Detection Service, is an automated breach alerting platform designed specifically for businesses looking for advanced threat detection capabilities that augment anti-virus, firewall, and other traditional security measures. Powered by EventTracker security management platform, these services aim to give businesses an affordable level of protection from cyberthreats that was previously only available inside the perimeter of large enterprises—for as low as $20 per month per location for SIEM-at-the-Edge and $10 per month per location for Breach Detection Service. “SIEM-at-the-Edge perfectly complements Netsurion’s existing offerings of network security, resilience, and PCI compliance, resulting in a comprehensive managed security solution scalable for businesses of any size. Cyberattacks are succeeding at alarming rates, and the impact of data breaches on multi-location brands, individual franchisees, and other small businesses can be catastrophic and unrecoverable,” said Kevin Watson, CEO, Netsurion.
“Adding these advanced SIEM services to our portfolio enables us to give our customers even stronger protection without the costs and complexity of full-time, dedicated resources. Our recent merger with EventTracker made this possible, and we are thrilled to introduce this capability to businesses that previously were unable to afford and manage such sophisticated security measures,” Watson explained.
SIEM-at-the-Edge claims to provide advanced cybersecurity technology through a SIEM and MDR solution uniquely tailored to be effective and affordable for small and medium-sized multi-location businesses. With this solution, the EventTracker security management platform aims to provide easily deployed sensors that protect critical endpoints, like point-of-sale (POS) systems. Real-time alerts and recommendations about critical security events are automatically sent to the customer, and in certain situations, the sensor can perform automated response actions, neutralizing the threat before damage to a network can occur. As a cost effective way to know when events that are highly indicative of a possible breach occur in a network environment, Netsurion is offering its Breach Detection Service platform. This is a fully-automated system that alerts businesses to potential breach threats in real time, including system changes, such as the installation of unknown or unsigned applications, unexpected user behavior, and connection with poor reputation IP addresses. The company claims that this low-cost system is an added layer on top of firewall and anti-virus solutions, alerting businesses to possible zero-day viruses and ransomware.
“Balancing the need for added security without further over-complicating the IT environment is a challenge for all businesses, especially those whose IT resources are already stretched thin. Breach Detection Service directly addresses that problem through a very simple-to-install application that adds the next layer of protection beyond anti-virus and firewalls,” said Watson.
“We designed the service to alert on those specific breach-related events that require immediate action, such as the installation of a potential ransomware application, and to provide actionable intelligence to our users,” he added.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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