Nexmo, AWS collaborate for Simple Notification Service

Cloud communication platform, Nexmo, that provides APIs and SDKs for voice, text, messaging and phone verification services, has announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to help AWS deliver SMS messages through Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS). The SNS is a push messaging service that acts as a mediator between the back end of applications and services that provide push notifications. According to Nexmo, consumers are increasingly expecting companies to communicate with them more rapidly, application to person (A2P) messaging, a form of SMS, is addressing that requirement. This is demonstrated by the explosive growth in the A2P market. According to Transparency Research, A2P messaging is expected to grow to a $70 billion market by 2020. Nexmo, a Vonage Company, claims that its cloud communications platform extends the innovative capabilities of the Amazon SNS suite to help meet the growing demand for SMS-based communication from customers around the world. It also claims to enable applications and enterprises to communicate with their customers reliably and with ease, anywhere in the world. Nexmo states that it helps high-volume communication companies such as Alibaba and Viber send millions of messages per month using its APIs. Tony Jamous, President, Nexmo, says:
We are incredibly excited that Nexmo’s cloud communications platform is extending the reach of the Amazon SNS suite. Nexmo looks forward to working with AWS as Nexmo continues to redefine how developers build communications software to meet the growing demand for more relevant and engaging customer communication.
Nexmo states that AWS will be leveraging Nexmo’s global reach, quality assurance and capability to send billions of messages every day, across 650 carriers. In addition, Nexmo’s will help AWS using its proprietary Adaptive Routing algorithm that routinely tracks millions of data points to determine the fastest and most reliable route to deliver messages. Simon Poile, General Manager, Mobile, Amazon Web Services, says:
AWS provides a rich set of services for developers for building mobile applications that are secure, robust and scalable – ranging from Identity, Sync, and Serverless Backends to APIs. We are pleased to work with companies like Nexmo to help mobile developers to reach their customers effectively via text messaging, which remains one of the most popular forms of communication across the world. AWS is able to offer such capabilities through a single API, making it easy for developers to add such capability to their mobile applications.
Last month Amazon SNS released worldwide SMS delivery and made it available in six AWS Regions. According to an official blogpost, clients could send SMS text messages directly to mobile phone numbers in more than 200 countries. Along with this expansion, SNS also enabled default ‘opt-in’ of recipient phone numbers which claimed to create more possibilities for SMS messages, such as those needed for multi-factor authentication (MFA) or one-time passcodes.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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