Vonage adds messaging to Microsoft workflow automation suite

Vonage, provider of cloud communications for business, has partnered with Microsoft to launch a connector to Microsoft’s suite of workflow automation tools. The connector comes via Vonage’s API platform, Nexmo, and allows users to integrate SMS and text-to-speech capabilities into custom workflows. According to the company this would ideally increase employee productivity and efficiency without the need for developers to create or manage code. “The addition of Nexmo APIs to Microsoft workflow tools elevates productivity and the efficiency of business operations and processes by providing messaging capabilities to highlight and surface critical work items that require immediate attention,” said Tony Jamous, President, Nexmo.
“By augmenting existing notification processes with custom, real-time SMS alerts via Nexmo APIs, companies are communicating priorities among stakeholders in more engaging ways to improve operations for better business outcomes.”

How will the connector help?

Vonage states that the connector for Microsoft’s Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) services includes integration into Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps as well PowerApps, a no-code application platform for power users. By using the connector, users can integrate with and enhance connection to mission-critical business application services such as SharePoint, Office 365, Power BI, ZenDesk, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce to create new and customized workflows or by using one of the existing templates.

Integration with Microsoft tools

Users of Microsoft Flow can utilize the Nexmo connector to create customized Flow notifications that can be as specific as the use case demands, requiring no IT support or resources. SMS or text-to-speech options can be easily created and deployed using a code-free visual building tool. With Microsoft PowerApps, Vonage’s connector will help users to connect to services such as SharePoint and Salesforce to create new data, build apps based on this data, and then publish those apps across web and mobile. With Azure Logic Apps, a service for Azure application developers, the connector allows users to boost productivity by integrating messaging alerts into their Logic Apps to create workflows that connect disparate systems and automate business processes. “With increasingly high open rates, SMS continues to be an important vehicle for messaging, enabling companies to entrust urgent business alerts to the channel where they know they will receive immediate attention,” said Jamous. The Nexmo connector to Microsoft also enables companies to take immediate action on critical business scenarios in which business process requires input for approval, a prospect is ready to become a customer with the proper follow-up, a customer has a showstopper issue or a high-priority email from senior leadership is delivered.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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