NinthDecimal's audience insights to enhance CRM for Trilia clients

Audience Intelligence Platform, NinthDecimal that helps companies with audience targeting and engagement services has announced a partnership with Trilia, a media agency. According to the deal, Trilia and its clients will be able to receive real-time access to NinthDecimal’s audience insights and Return on Investment (ROI) measurement standards. Reportedly, it can be used for an array of objectives including programmatic campaigns, ecosystem-wide offline attribution and measurement and business critical audience insights. As a part of the deal, Trilia will leverage NinthDecimal’s Location Conversion Index (LCI) solution –a measurement tool–where Trilia clients can track customer behavior and incremental lift in store visits using 1:1 matched control (a way to analyze matched data), resulting from specific advertising campaigns, in real time. Cindy Stockwell, President, Trilia, said:
“Our agency is founded on the principle that combining science with ideas leads to better outcomes, and NinthDecimal’s precision and accuracy makes them the perfect data partner to drive intelligent and informed campaigns on behalf of our clients.”
“We already share a number of major clients, and the new partnership will streamline the way we integrate NinthDecimal’s unique data into every aspect of our campaigns,” Stockwell added. A few names from the client roster are Dunkin Donuts, John Hancock and TJX. San Francisco-based, NinthDecimal also claims that its physical-world data set complements Trilia clients’ existing consumer data. And having ongoing access to this data could mean aid to these brands in uncovering the “blind spot” and gaining insight into what their customers are actually doing every day in the physical world. Lindsey DiGiorgio, Vice President, Marketing NinthDecimal, also believes the tie-up will help clients, “Find buyers who will add incremental value for the brand and deploy omni-channel marketing strategies to reach them effectively. While traditional engagement metrics like click-through rates rarely translate to actual conversions, Trilia is ambitious that by overlaying its clients’ CRM data with NinthDecimal’s audience insights, it will be able to create a full view of its clients’ customers in enhancing and going beyond the routine client relationship. In today’s date, NinthDecimal’s database includes over 135 million consumers and generates more than 1.5 trillion data points per month, providing marketers the data to gain business intelligence for strategic decisions, boasts the company. Mike Fordyce, CEO, NinthDecimal, commented:
“Our partnership with Trilia, which represents our latest strategic collaboration with a major agency, demonstrates NinthDecimal’s leadership of the omni-channel audience and measurement market. We’re excited to help Trilia clients achieve better results across mobile, desktop and TV based on a unified view of the customer with real-time campaign insights.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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