Telit and Intel partner to deliver 'joint architecture' IIoT

Telit, a provider of IoT modules and connectivity services has joined forces with chip-maker Intel to deliver Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, being called, ‘joint architecture’. Both are planning to develop a technology to remotely monitor and control machines via internet, giving companies an instant onramp to the Industrial IoT. Earlier this year Telit announced the formation of the IoT Factory Solutions business unit centered on the company’s scalable platform that provides secure shop floor access to both the top floor (OT to IT) and a connected ecosystem of original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), suppliers and customers. Pre-configured for Cloud connectivity and integration via Telit’s IoT Portal, the platform provides a quick path to the IIoT. Fred Yentz, CEO, Telit IoT Platforms commented:
“Earlier this year, Telit announced the formation of its Industrial IoT business unit and our collaboration with Intel has created a new way for companies to onboard to the Internet of Things. Intel has adopted the widely-deployed deviceWISE platform architecture for its superior edge intelligence, cloud-ready connectivity and seamless integration into enterprise systems.”
According to the company, enterprises who are dealing with Intel IoT platform technology solutions can establish and future-proof their IoT strategy, connect legacy and new systems, help data flow securely between edge devices and the cloud, and save money. Telit has developed deviceWISE, an asset gateway software agent and cloud-based IoT platform which can turn any Intel IoT developer platform into an intelligent industry 4.0 (Industrial IoT, sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0) onramp to full IoT implementation.

The partnership claims to offer

  • Improved performance: The businesses that are enabled with Intel IoT technology and deviceWISE can create new revenue streams and efficiently aggregate and filter data at the edge allowing businesses to analyze and act upon information.
  • Data security and protection: Both the platforms provide a security approach to defend against internal and external threats.
  • Managibility for secured remote upgrades and services: The integration will offer a set of horizontal cloud-based application creation and device management tools to simplify remote operations and updates from any remote application.
  • Flexible deployment: Intel IoT technology makes it easier for businesses to integrate new or existing cloud partners and manageability solutions. It supports choice of operating systems and ecosystem applications, enabling faster time to market.
The companies claim that solutions that are based on Intel IoT technology and powered by Telit’s deviceWISE platform provides good performance and security at the same time, enabling real-time analysis and process control all while reducing data transmission costs. Intel and Telit want every business to take advantage of Industry 4.0. Businesses using deviceWISE can overcome the barriers to implement IoT solutions in less time. Doug Davis, Senior Vice President of Internet of Things Group at Intel stated, “The ecosystem is critical to the Intel IoT strategy. Collaborations with companies like Telit enable Intel to provide key IoT building blocks for our customers to easily scale and drive growth for their IoT solutions.” Earlier this month Telit announced major updates to its IoT portal where users can switch network providers on the fly, ensure data continuity, search their environments more effectively and benefit from improved event and edge processing. Telit also partnered with Tech Mahindra in order to develop solutions for IoT.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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