NTT Communications creates world's largest SD-WAN footprint

ICT solutions and international communications provider, NTT Communications has launched its SD-WAN Service Portfolio, claiming it to be the world’s first and largest SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network – used to connect enterprise networks) platform with coverage spanning over 190 countries. The company states that it has also set a new industry benchmark by becoming the world’s first global provider to deploy 100% software defined network. This network will provides the framework for NTT Com Com to offer a rich suite of overlay SD-WAN services for global and regional enterprises, along with industry leading SD-WAN network performance for enterprises and end-users. According to NTT Com the global software defined network will provides it with flexibility and speed to launch new services designed to assist enterprises in transforming their businesses and responding to their competition. The company is expanding its Software-Defined Network Service and can now offer more choices to its clients by launching these SD-WAN services. The SD-WAN platform is based on an architecture that is locally distributed around the world via local cloud centers, optimized for network, mobility, and security services. The company states that its real-time streaming network analytics will offer CIOs and IT staff deep insight into application performance, network security, and the end-user experience. The platform also supports the delivery of services from customer premises equipment located at customer branch offices. “Digital transformation is at the heart of every modern enterprise today, fundamentally changing companies’ business models,” said Shuichi Sasakura, Senior Vice President Network Services of NTT Com.
“The global NTT Com SD-WAN Service Portfolio is an end-to-end solution that provides organizations with a highly flexible and agile network that is fully tailored to their specific requirements and enables them to better compete in today’s digital economy.”
NTT Com claims to be leveraging software defined technology and platform acquired via the Virtela acquisition in 2014. Together, the NTT Com Com and Virtela teams continue to accelerate the development of NTT Com Com’s SDx+M Solution Strategy.

Service Portfolio

  • Real-Time Streaming Network Analytics: Featuring real-time streaming network analytics based on the company’s application visibility reporting & analytics tool, allowing enterprise customers to better manage network workload and performance.
  • Enterprise Connectivity Flexibility: Offering customers choices when it comes to selecting network connectivity for enterprise locations. The Service Portfolio supports all types of network connectivity: Local ISP, Internet, Broadband, Wireless, MPLS, LTE, etc. giving customers the option to mix and match different types of connectivity at every branch office.
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Flexibility: Offering customers the choice of selecting NTT Com provided or customer provided SD-WAN devices at their branch offices.
  • Optimized Local ISP Selection & Routing: Enabling an end-to-end SD-WAN solution that optimizes SD-WAN Internet connectivity, bypassing Internet peering and congestion points.
  • Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS): Enabling the application and enforcement of QoS policies solving these challenges enhancing performance and improving end-user experience.
  • Secure Web Gateways and Application Acceleration: Offering a fully integrated SD-WAN security solution via its Secure Web Gateways located at globally distributed LCCs where customers can enable web URL filtering, firewall protection, and intrusion prevention services. Customers also have the option to enable these services on uCPE devices located at their branch offices.
The company’s software defined network also enables malware detection reporting to help enterprises deal with the persistent threat of botnets and malware without requiring any on-premises hardware or software. It offers advanced malware detection and reporting analytics to identify infected devices within the enterprise, which can dramatically reduce the time to act and to mitigate the impact of these security threats.

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