Nutanix extends its one-click datacenter automation capabilities

Enterprise cloud company Nutanix, is extending its one-click datacenter automation capabilities to include network visualization, security and orchestration, and expand its set of APIs. The company made the announcement at its inaugural NEXT Europe Conference. The Nutanix cloud platform leverages web-scale engineering, consumer-grade design, converge visualization and storage into a software designed solution. Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nutanix presented his views on the enterprise. “Businesses clearly see the value in converging the data center to reduce complexity, but stopping at storage and virtualization is not enough. Networking and security are also important,” he said.
“We’re committed to make the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform the De-facto standard for companies, looking to reduce IT complexity while benefiting from the complete integration of all IT infrastructure, from storage to security.”


Nutanix Prism gives a comprehensive view of the physical and virtual network topology. This includes how individual virtual machines (VMs) are connected to the physical and virtual network infrastructure and providing detailed health and performance statistics of the network environment. Built-in-network will help data center to identify and treat network issue in no time impacting application SLAs. Application-specific policies will also be defined within Nutanix Prism. Micro-segmentation ensured safety of applications against emerging threats. It controls the east-west traffic in an application for sometime but widespread adoption of it has been slowed by the complicated set-up. To compensate it, Nutanix Acropolis Micro-segmentation Services (AMS) aims to inspect, monitor and governs communication flows between individual workloads to provide a more secure application environment. Nutanix Acropolis provides simple and open APIs that allows the application to do automated policy updates to top-of-rack (ToR) switches, application delivery controllers (ADCs) and firewalls. Nutanix’s native visualization and network security capabilities is complemented by the visualized network and security services inserted into the application environment based on app-centric policies. Network visualization and the initial set of APIs for network orchestration will be available by January 2017. The remaining capabilities are under development.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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