Parablu extends its endpoint security solution BluVault to Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud data protection and management solutions provider, Parablu has announced the availability of its secure endpoint data backup solution, BluVault, for Microsoft OneDrive for Business users. According to the company, the next generation solution will help enterprises to use OneDrive for Business as a backup target for the endpoints. Parablu claims that BluVault automatically backs up user data from endpoints to their respective OneDrive for Business storage accounts. It works in tandem with Parablu’s CASB solution, BluKrypt, which encrypts the data stream using the customer’s encryption keys before writing it to the OneDrive cloud. The company states that its solution and the process the backup follows offers 100% defense from ransomware and other malicious attacks.
“OneDrive for Business make it easy to manage your work files, share them and collaborate from any device. Parablu enriches OneDrive for Business with customizations for backup, security and scalability enhancing the cloud experience for customers”, said Narendra Bhandari, General Manager, Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft India.
The company also states that the solution can be deployed on-premise or hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and can reduce endpoint backup costs by as much as 70% as compared to existing on-premise or cloud based solutions. Existing MS Office 365 customers who already have a One Drive subscription can use the solution without any extra storage cost. The solution claims to be scaled to cover more than 100,000 endpoints.
Anand Prahlad, CEO, Parablu, said “Enterprises, at just a fraction of their current cost, can now deploy a solution that gives them 100% protection of their data on endpoints, 100% utilization of their OneDrive for Business subscriptions and 100% scalability across geographies and devices.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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