Pega adds AI capabilities to its sales automation platform

After announcing new artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation capabilities in its customer relationship management (CRM) offerings earlier this month, software company Pegasystems has now integrated its AI capabilities in Pega Sales Automation. This will enable businesses to accelerate sales cycles and win more deals. With an advanced AI engine, Pega aims to make sales organizations more efficient and effective that more accurately forecasts sales win probability and suggests the next-best actions and content that will boost those odds at every stage of the deal.
“For years, sales organizations have struggled with ineffective tools that salespeople love to hate and don’t live up to the promise of helping drive more sales faster. The infusion of more AI capabilities within our proven Pega Sales Automation software gives sales organizations deep insight and tangible actions to move leads from prospects to customers,” said Jeff Nicholson, Vice President, Product Marketing, CRM, Pegasystems.
Pega explains that most sales automation and partner relationship management software act as glorified reporting tools rather than solutions that actually help salespeople, managers, and agents be more efficient and effective at driving sales. This makes common sales tools more of a hindrance than a help, resulting in poor adoption rates and missed opportunities. Now, with AI-driven insights, Pega Sales Automation aims to inform better sales strategies with specific actions – executed in just a few clicks – that improve win probability. A streamlined graphical dashboard presents these insights and actions at a glance on both desktop and mobile devices to surface the most impactful data, alerts, and activities, including:
  • Opportunity Insights that predict the probability of a deal moving to the next stage, the chances of winning an account, and the date the deal will likely close – all fueled by predictive analytics using current sales activity and historical benchmarks for similar deal types.
  • Sales Futurecast that projects probable sales results so agents and managers can more accurately track performance against their quotas in any given time period and make the right adjustments as needed.
  • Next-Best-Actions that use AI to recommend what sales reps and agents can do today to progress active deals – such as schedule a meeting or send additional information – as well as suggest the best approach, offers, and content to generate new leads.
These new features are made available within the latest release of Pega Sales Automation. For those making the switch to Pega Sales Automation, easy-to-use wizards are provided for current Salesforce and Siebel customers to migrate their data to Pega and get it running quickly.  

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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