Now Pega customers can run their applications on Pivotal

American software company Pegasystems has extended its cloud choice commitment by giving clients even more freedom to deploy Pega solutions on their preferred cloud provider with no vendor lock-in. To support this initiative, Pega has teamed up with Pivotal, a California-based company accelerating enterprise digital transformation. With this partnership, Pega software can be delivered on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, a cloud-native platform for deploying and operating modern applications. The company believes that while business needs change rapidly and unpredictably, many software vendors restrict their customers to a single cloud deployment option that forces vendor lock-in. By collaborating with Pivotal, it aims to adopt a more flexible approach with a supported alternative to Pega Cloud, its fully managed cloud platform. “For many software providers, the only cloud path they typically offer customers is their own – leading to vendor lock-in at a time when agility is paramount,” said Tim Beachus, Vice President, Cloud business and Strategy, Pegasystems.
“Pega enables its clients to blaze their own trail. We’ve built Pega Cloud to be the optimal environment to run our software, but as our clients’ needs evolve, they enjoy the freedom to deploy on platforms like Pivotal Cloud Foundry to meet their business goals,” Beachus added.
Pega will provide clients with a Pivotal tile enabling them to quickly and easily deploy Pega solutions on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This package will be free for licensed Pega customers and available for download on the Pega Exchange marketplace starting in early June.
“Our work with Pega will bring two of the most advanced technology platforms together to enable tremendous operational efficiency for some of the most important businesses in the world,” said Joshua McKenty, ‎Vice President, Global Ecosystem Engineering, Pivotal.
With cloud choice, customers are able to run Pega Platform and Pega customer engagement applications in supported cloud environments, with access to 24/7 customer support. Also, this gives them the provision to move seamlessly between cloud infrastructures as their business needs and drivers change, and get optimal value out of their cloud investment.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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