Postman announces Postman Pro to help developers on API project

Postman, a provider of API toolchain, today has updated its developer product, Postman Pro. It has extended the functionality for collaboration, documentation, publishing, and monitoring. With today’s product release, developers can leverage the power of Postman at every stage of their API workflow, from development & testing, through collaboration, documentation & publishing, to API monitoring. Postman began as a simple tool to make API testing faster and easier, and has expanded into a powerful, collaborative and user-friendly toolchain, allowing Postman customers to streamline and simplify every aspect of API development.
“Postman Pro is unique among API tools in providing this breadth of features. Technical teams can now leverage the company at every stage of development, streamlining their workflow and making API development faster, easier and painless,” said Abhinav Asthana, CEO and Co-founder, Postman.

Features of Postman Pro

  • Collaboration:
    • Share collections and environment within a common team library
    • Access the most updated version of team assets automatically
    • Examine changes and updates, tracked line by line
  • Documentation & Publishing:
    • Extensive, easy-to-consume documentation format, including requests, collection descriptions and code snippets
    • Viewable via web page, either internally or published publicly
  • Monitoring:
    • Monitoring of API request collections, to test for uptime, responsiveness, and correctness
    • Dashboard of monitoring results, available for each collection and monitor

Abhinav Mohapatra

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