Salesforce's AI platform 'Einstein' to get smarter with every interaction

CRM company Salesforce has unveiled ‘Einstein’ its Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, which it claims will able to deliver predictive and personalized customer experiences across sales, service, marketing and commerce. The Salesforce Einstein platform will add analytics and insights to the overall workflow of customers using salesforce products, making it fully automated. Einstein has been positioned to add to Salesforce’s recent acquisitions of predictive analytics and machine learning firms; MetaMind, PredictionIO and RelateIQ and the Einstein unit will be chaired by Salesforce’s Chief Scientist, Richard Socher who was the former Co-Founder and CEO of MetaMind. The CRM company states that the new platform is a breakthrough innovation that embeds advanced AI capabilities (deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery) in the Salesforce Platform in fields, objects, workflows and components so that its clients will be able to build AI-powered apps that self-tune, learn and get smarter with every interaction and every piece of additional data. Salesforce Einstein will automatically discover relevant insights, predict future behavior, proactively recommend best next actions and even automate tasks. According to a report in Business Insider, Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce said “This is a highly accurate, extremely effective AI platform that we are going to use first to support our own applications so our customers can have the best AI in the world. If you’re a Sales Cloud customer, you’re going to see Sales Cloud Einstein, a whole new way to look at sales where the software’s really helping you to be the very best salesperson.”
“With Salesforce Einstein, we are delivering the world’s smartest CRM. Einstein is now every customer’s data scientist, making it easy for everyone to take advantage of best-in-class AI capabilities in the context of their business.”
According to Salesforce, developers too will be able to build applications on top of the clouds using their own code or Einstein extensions. Admins will be able to build apps that include Einstein-powered fields in any object, page layout or workflow, making every business process smarter. And for data scientists, there will be Predictive Vision and Sentiment Services which enable developers to train deep learning models to recognize and classify images and sentiment in text. The company also states that AI capabilities will be embedded across every Salesforce Cloud. Einstein will leverage all the data in Salesforce such as customer data, activity data from Salesforce Chatter, email, calendar and e-commerce; social data streams such as tweets and images and IoT signals to train predictive models. Salesforce will also be executing Machine Intelligence technology with Einstein in order to streamline jobs for employees, for example it is rolling out “Predictive Lead Scoring” to rank which sales leads are most likely to turn into a closed deal. The platform will be delivering predictive customer experiences that includes Sales Cloud Einstein, Service Cloud Einstein, Marketing Cloud Einstein, Commerce Cloud Einstein, Community Cloud Einstein, Analytics Cloud Einstein and IoT Cloud Einstein.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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