Secucloud announces Renzo Pecoraro as its new CTO

Cloud-based security company Secucloud, has announced the appointment of Renzo Pecoraro as CTO to spearhead the ongoing development of the Secucloud infrastructure. During the course of his career, Renzo Pecoraro was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley in New York. In this position, he led the central software development team, which created internal systems dedicated to IT change and release management as well as reporting, controlling and compliance. In his 20 years’ experience in the US, he has worked as technical product manager in the areas of data security, permissions management, and access and identity management. Pecoraro has more than ten years’ experience in the management of international software development teams.  
Renzo Pecoraro appointed as CTO by Secucloud
Renzo Pecoraro
“Secucloud’s Elastic Cloud Security System ECS2 has a modular cloud architecture that combines a wide variety of components, including multi-AV, anti-phishing, deep packet inspection, APT protection and much more. In order to deliver the highest level of protection, these security engines must work together seamlessly and efficiently at all times,” explains Renzo Pecoraro.
“Internet threats are becoming more sophisticated and more dangerous. Our ECS2 solution must reflect that fact and evolve continually in order to stay a step ahead of these threats from the virtual world. I’m excited to have this opportunity to help shape this technical evolution process at Secucloud.”
Secucloud aims at providing companies with protection against increasingly complex threats from the internet. The company claims that telcos and mobile operators can use its solutions to offer their customers powerful protection direct from the cloud. According to the Hamburg-based company, this approach has already proved successful leading to the firm multiplying its revenues by six times and winning many new customers over the last year. These include four large telcos, including T-Mobile in Netherlands. Specialising in security for the internet of things, the company claims that its security mechanisms, which defend users against cybercrime and spying attempts, are located in the cloud and directly protect all the customer’s connected devices. Being a cloud cloud solution, no software installation or configuration is required and the solution updates itself automatically. This, Secucloud explains, benefits users from security technologies that, until now, have only been available to large enterprises with plenty of financial muscle.

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