SoftWatch to help enterprises move to cloud-based productivity suites

Application Usage Analytics startup, Softwatch, has announced that it is offering a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that will help enterprises in cloud-IT transformation infrastructure, platforms and applications. The company claims that this service is one of its kind that will enable enterprises to profile their applications to both their resource consumption and end user activity. Enterprises today are aiming to move their applications to cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform or to available SaaS solutions, but in order to do this, they need to plan and execute the transition, which is a gradual process that comprises of considerable amount of risk and requires a proper understanding of the current IT ecosystem. This includes keeping alternative solutions and managing a change over a considerable transition period. SoftWatch claims that its application profiling which analyzes the resource consumption of CPU, Disk I/O, system memory utilization and network utilization, provides detailed information regarding the actual usage of application that includes division of users according to their usage patterns. Both the analysis are compared with each other which as a result gives a comprehensive view of the application behavior and its suitability to be migrated to the cloud to decision makes. Uri Arad, Co-CEO of SoftWatch said, “Following our unique solution that helps hundreds of enterprises in moving to cloud based productivity suites (i.e. Google Apps, Office 365), we are now entering a much larger domain of moving core enterprise applications to cloud platforms and infrastructure. Our Solution is unique in providing application resource profiling along with end user real usage analytics of any enterprise application. This can help enterprises focus on the right applications, plan capacity, secure end user experience, support the migration process, validate performance and control costs.” Earlier SoftWatch also announced an Assessment Service for enterprises to migrate from MS Office to Google Apps based on MS Office real usage analysis. Its partners comprises of Accenture, Sada Systems, Dialog, Maven Wave, Pica Communications, MindSet, Miadria, Nuvola, Avalon and gopomelo. Moshe Kozlovski, Co-CEO of SoftWatch stated, “The cloud computing market is growing rapidly and we are definitely seeing a paradigm shift. We strongly believe that our unique analytics can be very material in making informed transition decisions when planning and executing the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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