Symantec extends its IoT security line-up for automotives

Security company Symantec has launched a security analytics suite built for embedded systems in connected automobiles. Dubbed as Anomaly Detection for Automotive, the solution which is built on the company’s IoT security solutions, is expected to obstruct security breaches and anomalies of any kind in automobiles. Symantec believes that Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications are the latest under threat. Christian Christiansen, IDC VP of Security Products said, “The Internet of Things contains many different areas, but connected automobiles will radically alter transportation and mobile communications. As connected automobiles become the norm, security issues have already drawn attention.”
“Driven by opportunity, manufacturers and their suppliers will partner with cyber security vendors on securing connected cars as they would with any other networked endpoints such as mobile devices and laptops. Keeping security top of mind will not only help ensure the safety of drivers and passengers but also build trust in the car manufactures and the overall Internet of Things ecosystem.”
The in-vehicle analytics tool will use machine learning to monitor Controller Area Network (CAN) and traffic in real time and flag unusual activity that may indicate an attack. It is devised to operate with limited compute, memory and bandwidth capabilities that enables easy installations in the In-Vehicle Network (IVN) gateways, head units and On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-2) dongles. The company claims that the system requirements do not demand any additional hardware and is compatible with almost all operating systems, including embedded platforms. This can give auto manufacturers and fleet operators real time situational awareness of a vehicle’s current security state without needing to send all the CAN Bus information. For disconnected vehicles, the solution also indexes information for easy retrieval in routine dealer maintenance. Shankar Somasundaram, Senior Director, product management and engineering, Symantec, said, “Automotive security threats have gone from theory to reality. Symantec is bringing the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of security technologies to the car. The infrastructure and technology that already helps protect billions of devices and trillions of dollars now protects the car. We’re building long-term comprehensive security all while delivering ground breaking protection for cars today.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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