Telstra acquires Microsoft partner Readify to boost cloud portfolio

Telstra, the Australian telecommunications and media company has announced the acquisition of software development company Readify today. Microsoft partner Readify is headquartered in Melbourne and employs around 200 staff, including 160 software developers. While the financial details remain discreet as of now, the telco believes that Readify’s capabilities, which range from enterprise cloud application solutions as well as Big Data and IoT solutions, will provide an additional platform for Telstra to drive digital transformation for its enterprise customers in domestic and global markets. “As we know, apps and software in general are playing an increasingly important role in businesses. Readify is recognised globally for its innovative software solutions and will further help us create software-led digital transformations with our customers,” said Michelle Bendschneider, Executive Director, Global Enterprise and Services, Telstra. In January, Telstra expanded its cloud and managed network application services by acquiring another Microsoft partner, Kloud for approximately $40 million. Bendschneider said that the acquisition of Readify would also compliment Kloud apart from providing an additional platform to drive digital transformation for enterprise customers.
“Readify will provide application development and data analytics services, nicely complementing Kloud’s existing services. It will enable Telstra to add incremental value to customers in enterprise cloud applications, API-based customisation and extensions as well as business technology advisory services,” added Bendschneider.
Bendschneider further mentioned that the acquisition supports the company’s goal of ‘curating market leading services with its customers.’ Also, the company is aiming to keep all Readify staff on board including managing director, Graeme Strange.
“We’re excited by the opportunity for Readify to grow as part of Telstra. Readify has a proven record of creating innovative solutions with our customers and, with Telstra’s scale, the opportunities are tremendously exciting,” said Graeme Strange, Managing Director, Readify.
Last week, Telstra acquired Inabox Group’s Hosted Collaboration Solutions business for $4.5 million in cash.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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