Tenable brings cloud security to Google Cloud Platform

Tenable Network Security, a unified security monitoring solutions provider, has integrated Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View (SecurityCenter CV) with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), giving administrators better visibility into what is happening within their cloud infrastructure. SecurityCenter CV would enable users to access crucial data via log collection from GCP that would provide companies with the visibility needed to understand the risk introduced by their extended network. This would help security teams to gain visibility into several aspects of their cloud infrastructure. “Organizations need a comprehensive security program that delivers complete visibility and the assurance to know their data will be safe and secure, whether using an all-cloud approach, a hybrid or multi-cloud environment,” said Matt Alderman, Vice President of Strategy, Tenable Network Security.
“With this integration, Google Cloud Platform customers can benefit from the increased flexibility, reduced costs and ease of doing business in the cloud, and gain enhanced visibility into the security of their workloads.”
Tenable claims that it will use Google Stackdriver for cloud monitoring, logging and diagnostics information for Google Cloud Platform customers. By correlating the data with security information collected by SecurityCenter CV from hosts, devices and systems, Tenable aims to provide GCP customers with a complete understanding of their security posture for their on-premises and multi-cloud environments. This, according to the company, would help customers easily see when and by whom new hosts are provisioned. Furthermore, Tenable can also detect and alert when public-facing infrastructure is being scanned, or if there is an attack on an application running on Google Clud Platform. With organisations migrating to cloud providers for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) functions, operating costs are coming down. But in the process, security is often an overlooked aspect of moving these key applications to the cloud. Tenable aims to tackle this challenge, providing a good understanding of what is operating in the cloud environment.
“Our goal at Tenable is to help our customers secure their IT environment regardless of whether that environment is physical, virtual, cloud or mixed. We’re excited to add this integration with Google Cloud Platform to the list of integrations with other cloud platforms,” reads the blogpost.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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