Artificial Solutions launches analytical tool for conversational language

Artificial Solutions, a specialist in Natural Language Interaction (NLI) has launched an analytics tool that will allow enterprises to analyze data from conversations with customers. The conversations can be speech, text, touch or gesture. Dubbed as Teneo Analytics Suite, the tool will generate actionable insights from the data to train Artificial Intelligence systems. The end goal being enhancing customer engagement.

Teneo, the Platform:

It is a platform that enables enterprises to develop and analyze artificially intelligent, natural language applications through the use of machine learning. It aims to allow companies, utilize the unstructured conversational data captured over NLI applications and sources such as virtual assistants and mobile personal assistants or other channels like live chat, call transcripts and emails. Ensuring access to this data, it significantly increases insight into customer preferences and decision making, allowing companies to fully personalize the way they interact with each individual consumer.

Teneo Analytics Suite:

The suite claims to provide business intelligent insight into customers’ needs and behavior by tracking and analyzing customer conversations in near real-time. Reportedly, it analyzes natural language conversations, for organizations to enhance customer engagement. In conjunction with the Teneo Interaction Engine—the brains behind the NLI application and the source of our artificial intelligence and linguistic capabilities– conversations are interpreted, automatically tagged and categorized to reveal trends, issues and business insights, vouches the company. Lawrence Flynn, CEO, Artificial Solutions, said:
“The launch of Teneo Analytics suite means that, for the first time, companies can actually utilize data on all types of customer conversations with AI.”
Additionally, this information can be further enhanced and customized by using the intelligence of NLI to ask users specific questions, ensuring viable customer feedback. The suite is further categorized and classified as a bundle of three modules: Teneo Discovery, Teneo Analytics API and Teneo Insight.

Teneo Discovery:

The ‘text mining tool’ of the suite, it claims to offer visual representation of key customer issues and questions, helping enterprises with actionable, data-driven business decisions in real time via a simple point and click interface. Coupled with statistical analysis techniques, organizations can leverage the module to model and develop the initial order of data.

Teneo Analytics API:

According to the company, it allows organizations to customize communication based on each interaction to curate personalized responses. It can also help data scientists find natural language data, localized at one place and have access to both the meta-data and the free format text data, or a combination of the two.

Teneo Insights:

It is designed to track and analyze the conversations that users have with their Teneo applications providing the insight and information needed to track and refine key performance indicators (KPIs). And could potentially mean gradual product enhancements for clients.
“When used together, the three distinct modules allow organizations to move beyond basic business intelligence toward offering customers greater personalization, targeted recommendations and predictive AI models,” Flynn added.
Andreas Wieweg, CTO, Artificial Solutions, also believes enterprises are far from accurate interpretation of data because of lack of resources.
“Data scientists typically spend up to 70 percent of a project’s time just garnering and cleaning information. The Teneo Analytics suite changes this and enables engineers to focus on how the intelligence revealed can be used to improve the business,” said Wieweg.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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