Tufin, Cisco to deliver security policy management

Network security firm Tufin that focuses on automation and acceleration of network infrastructure changes, announced the integration of its Orchestration Suite with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) to provide combined security policy management across physical and public, private and hybrid cloud networks. Tufin Orchestration Suite provides enterprises with cybersecurity and agility with Network Security Policy Orchestration for a wide range of technologies and integrations.

How will the integration work?

Tufin claims that the integration will allow the customers to have a centralized management of application security policies through a single panel. It will also manage and control micro-segmentation across hybrid networks, simplify regulatory compliance and audit readiness, and expand visibility and control across all enterprise platforms, such as physical networks and firewalls, cloud platforms and software-defined networking (SDN) platforms. Yousuf Khan, VP of Technical Marketing, INSBU, Cisco said:
Tufin brings efficiency to network security operations at a time when corporate networks are becoming more complex and experiencing constant change. Cisco and Tufin have been working for over a year on integration to deliver greater security orchestration, visibility and compliance capabilities to the modern data center.
Cisco ACI is an inclusive SDN architecture, which is a policy-based automation solution that integrates physical and virtual environments to achieve consistent control and visibility for accelerated application delivery. Cisco states that the benefits are achieved through the integration of physical and virtual environments under one policy model for networks, servers, storage, services, and security. Cisco ACI also reduces the time for deploying applications and also develops IT placement with business goals and policy requirements. Tufin states that it has launched an Application-Centric Policy Management that enables application owners to outline their applications’ connectivity requirements in a way that is decoupled from infrastructure. The needed application flows are automatically deployed across significant policy enforcement points (firewalls, security groups, SDN controllers) with security and compliance checks embedded into the change process. Reuven Harrison, CTO and Co-Founder, Tufin said:
The combination of Cisco ACI and Tufin Orchestration Suite enables customers to realize the benefits of an SDN architecture in a heterogeneous environment, while deploying their applications faster than ever with uncompromised security and compliance. Agility is everything in today’s business landscape, and the Cisco ACI platform is second to none when it comes to the ability to deploy and configure networks and applications in seconds.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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