Wizeline integrates with Slack to shorten the time to market

Wizeline, the company that brings intelligent product road-mapping and planning software for teams has integrated with Slack to streamline the submission of feature requests from customers and employees. Wizeline’s technology solutions enable teams to determine the right product plan to increase customer happiness and engagement and achieve business goals, such as reducing churn, increasing market share, or speeding time to market.

The new integration enables enterprises to reduce their dependence on manual tools and outmoded communication channels, such as email, slides and spreadsheets. As soon as a Slack request command is made, the request is automatically sent to the company’s idea backlog in Wizeline with details of the customer use case, revenue impact, market need and other data attached. Wizeline product managers consolidate this information and use it to identify market opportunities across their entire customer base.

“Each day, thousands of companies use Slack to discuss customer product requests and feature enhancements. With our new Slack integration, information from this on-going collaboration can be quickly sent to Wizeline, translated into clear customer needs and requirements, and prioritized streamlining the entire product development process,” says Wendy Johansson, Director of Product, Wizeline.

With the new software enhancements, Slack users can quickly log new feature requests and ideas within any Slack channel. When a request arises from a Slack conversation or from one of the many integrations that Slack supports, the user can instantly review the request, discuss it with team members, and submit it to the idea backlog in Wizeline for review by the product management team.

Matt Vlasach, Director of Product, Wandera, which is a leading provider mobile data security and management solutions for enterprises, says, “Using Wizeline with Slack, the barrier is lowered to submit valuable feature requests that may otherwise be forgotten. Combined with their other feature submission methods, Wizeline is now even more embedded into the tools we already use everyday.”

Apart from integrating with Slack, Wizeline has added enhanced collaboration functionality to its platform. With commenting in Wizeline, teams are able to contribute questions, comments and ideas while products and features are being developed. The company claims that every feature that’s managed in Wizeline has a clear log of communication among the various groups involved in its development. As a result, teams are able to apply a more transparent, traceable and repeatable approach to developing successful products which otherwise would go unnoticed till a later stage of product development.

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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