Wrike 'Requests' feature helps workers manage multitasking

SaaS based work management and collaboration platform, Wrike, has announced the launch of a feature that addresses the challenges workers face while starting, contributing or finishing multiple projects at once. Being called ‘Requests’, Wrike’s feature empowers workers to easily capture and structure work requests in one place in a format that simplifies the process and helps teams prioritize and perform work more efficiently.

The feature helps workers obtain the vital information needed to plan, resource, and execute work which cuts down on meetings and other back-and-forth communications that slow down the execution of high-priority items. It gives recipients a single, manageable place to see and organize their inbound requests.

Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO, Wrike, says, “Work typically comes in through multiple channels, whether it’s in email, instant messages, or hallway conversations, so there is no consolidated place to see all the new work that gets piled on you every day. As the number of messaging channels and digital tools proliferate in the workplace, workers are finding it more challenging to manage and process their incoming requests.”

Wrike conducted a survey with 1,400 knowledge workers and revealed that many of the biggest workplace struggles are centered around prioritization of high work volumes. 60 per cent of respondents said that the biggest productivity roadblock is working on too many things at the same time. 31 per cent stated that unclear priorities and 28 per cent stated that too many requests from others, were among their top challenges.

Filev says that whenever Wrike launches a new feature, it focuses on how digital works, habits, and tools are shaping work lives for better or worse.

“Our recent study showed that prioritizing and multitasking are major concerns for workers today. We built Requests to help workers bring order and process to a non-stop stream of demands that come from all directions. On the flip-side, we wanted to create a way for the person requesting the work see exactly where it stands.”

Motivate, that designs, deploys and manages bicycle sharing for urban mobility has adopted Requests in Wrike. With systems operating in cities like New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Boston, the company claims that its creative and digital experience team has reduced time spent achieving clarity around new requests by 50 per cent.

“For the kinds of requests we get, emails were too open. We spent a lot of time scheduling meetings to follow up with the submitter to get the whole scope of the assignment, and more details. With Requests in place, we get all the information we need up front and start working,” says Brent Arnold, Creative Director, Motivate.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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