10digi: Single platform to buy SIM, recharge, pay bills & more

10digi, an India-based web and app-based aggregator platform has launched its services in Delhi NCR, India by recruiting 500 Mobile Retailers (MRs). The company delivers SIM cards to customers’ doorsteps, accelerates delivery and activation of SIM cards, and helps customers get their SIM cards activated within 1-4 hours.
“The mix of GPS tracker technology and CRM services has lead to the development of this service; inspiration has been derived from the discovery of various services utilizing seamless technology, now MRs around your location can be found to deliver the telecom products at your doorstep at the time of your choice. We are committed to develop this service to a larger scale, however have opted for telecom products to begin with,” said Sherjil Ozair, Co-Founder and CTO, 10digi.
The company claims to offer services such as pre-paid and post-paid connections, data cards, recharge, bill plan comparison, as well as mobile number portability. It also provides complimentary delivery of dongles and sim cards within the region and an instant SIM activation for e-KYC subscribers. “We are pleased to announce 10digi’s foray into the Delhi market, presenting this attractive/one-of-a-kind offering for businesses across India. This will provide us the initiator’s advantage in the market,where we intend to tap 5% of the customer base across 135 cities within a year,” said Ozair Yasin, Co-founder and Director, 10digi.
“To accomplish this, we will hire 10,000 MRs across India in a phased manner. We intend to provide end-to-end telecom products before exploring other industry products in future,” added Ozair.
According to the company it has tied up with Vodafone, Idea Cellular, and Tata with an aim to add other service providers to the platform. Supported by its parent company SoftAge Information Technology, 10digi stated that it is open to investments. The company also claims to have already invested Rs 7.5 million in the initial launch phase with a goal to invest another Rs 20 million in the Delhi NCR market.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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