AppDynamics launches mobile app 'Business iQ'

AppDynamics, an application intelligence company, has launched a new mobile application ‘Business iQ’ that enables enterprises to drive business performance throughout every phase of their digital transformation journey. It allows enterprises to realize faster Mean Time to Business Awareness (MTBA). AppDynamics also creates a stronger line of communication between business leaders and IT teams sharing metrics throughout every phase.
“Enterprises are under immense pressure to deliver growth through rapid software innovation to meet the high expectations of a new generation of connected customers,” said David Wadhwani, president and CEO, AppDynamics. “Business owners often aren’t aware of the impact of these changes on the health of a business until weeks or months later due to the disconnect with IT. Business iQ gives companies the real-time insights they need to take action in minutes.” he added.

Business iQ

Business iQ provides enterprises the right solution to monitor their businesses in real-time and address issues. It brings application monitoring and business monitoring into a single platform that delivers a common framework for business owners and IT departments to speed up MTBA. It also includes:
  • User Session Monitoring to help enterprises conduct funnel analysis and advanced segmentation on performance as well as business data at a time and troubleshoot performance issues faster with new access to Browser and Mobile Sessions data.
  • Query Language Enhancements that enables companies to calculate metrics and KPIs, such as the percentage of revenue derived from different product categories, faster.
  • New Funnel Analysis that makes it easy to visualize and and understand user impact due to performance issues.
Business iQ provides enterprises with the intelligence to improve their business velocity and lower their MTBA, enabling them to take immediate action and drive better business outcomes. It also includes the various suits:
  • Map iQ that automatically creates and update visual flow maps.
  • Baseline iQ helps users to understand their experience with their application.
  • Diagnostic iQ helps to diagnose the problem and monitor codes.
  • Business iQ Provides business-centric dashboards and analytic, creating a common language and partnership between IT and business teams.
  • Signal iQ Ingests, stores, and correlates the massive amounts of data gathered from AppDynamics.
AppDynamics has also introduced three new editions according to the needs of the customers, including the peak edition which gives enterprises a variety of choices to meet their monitoring needs.  

Abhinav Mohapatra

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