Infer fuses new sales intelligence features into its platform

Infer, a predictive sales and marketing platform, today announced several enhancements to its product portfolio. According to the company, the latest improvements to Glance, a sales and account intelligence application, as well as its new predictive behavior scoring for Pardot, reflect the company’s strategy to continue deepening integrations with other enterprise systems. “The significant product improvements we’ve made in 2016 reflect how we’re helping businesses reimagine automation through data science,” said Vik Singh, CEO and Co-founder, Infer.
“The market for AI solutions is rapidly expanding, and Infer fuels predictive adoption by serving as a guide that intelligently and continuously identifies revenue whitespace in a company’s funnel. In just a few years, I’m confident that every modern enterprise with a CRM system will also be leveraging predictive analytics and AI to supercharge its revenue growth,” Singh added.

Infer Glance sales intelligence powers more productive conversations

Infer claims that businesses of all sizes, such as AdRoll, AppDynamics, Bitly, Druva and Nutanix, leverage Glance to power the sales intelligence layer in their martech stack. It reveals unique prospect attributes and analytics from Infer’s predictive models directly within a company’s Salesforce CRM interface, giving sales reps the most complete view of each contact or account at their fingertips. Today, the company is adding new insights into “similar accounts” for every lead, contact, account or opportunity. This functionality leverages Infer’s data science to analyze a specific business-to-business (B2B) prospect and instantly display its direct competitors that are already existing customers. With this visibility, sales reps can craft more personalized prospecting messages that include compelling case studies and other highly targeted assets.

Infer behavior scoring for Pardot increases sales and marketing impact

The company has also deepened its marketing automation integrations by launching predictive behavior scoring for Pardot, with early adopters at PlanGrid, Social Tables and UserVoice. Already available for Marketo and Oracle Eloqua, Infer claims that its behavior scoring uses the most advanced data mining in the industry to model every snapshot of a prospect’s behavior. This capability would aim to help companies accurately prioritize B2B deals that are likely to close within a set time period (i.e. the next three weeks). Furthermore, Infer explains that with the addition of behavioral models, Pardot users can now benefit from more of the platform’s features, such as account-based behavior scoring, lead-to-account matching and top event and activity dashboards. All of this functionality advances a company’s account-based sales and marketing strategy by allowing teams to prioritize the best-fit accounts, tailor personalized outreach and engage at the right time. Earlier this year, Infer extended its platform through new third-party integrations and connectors for Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Marketo Insights, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce and Google Analytics. Furthermore, it released several new products to general availability, including the AI-powered Infer Profile Management, Infer Glance and Account-Based Behavior Scoring. Finally, the company rolled out regular user experience and reporting enhancements across its product portfolio, including updates to its platform interface, Salesforce reporting package and Marketo connector.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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