Infer gives sales-reps a Glance into prospects' business models

Predictive sales and marketing platform, Infer, that helps companies win more customers, has announced a new sales and account intelligence application called Infer Glance. The application reveals key prospect attributes and analytics from Infer’s predictive models directly within the company’s CRM or marketing automation interface, giving businesses the most complete view of each contact or account.

Customers like AdRoll, AppDynamics, Bitly, Druva, Nitro, Hubspot, New Relic, Tableau, Xactly and Zendesk are already leveraging these at-a-glance insights to tailor messaging and campaigns, fuel customer engagement and increase revenue.

Infer and Glance

It leverages proven data science to rapidly model the untapped customer profile data sitting in an enterprise, along with thousands of signals from the web, and help drive a company’s growth strategy through valuable predictive workflows. It builds statistically accurate fit and behavior models that analyze internal and external data signals to produce predictive account, contact and lead scores.

Infer Glance summarizes these predictions, as well as top signals behind each score that provides sales reps with valuable account intelligence about a prospect’s business model, what technologies they use, their website engagement and other details in one convenient place. This transparency builds trust in the scores and enables sales and marketing to align around a common definition of good leads. The rich view of prospects gives sales reps the insight they need to pre-plan meaningful conversation points that directly target a customer’s pain points.

“Infer is a key enabler of our data-driven culture, and Infer Glance makes predictive lead scoring even easier to deploy throughout our sales and marketing teams. The insights and predictions that Infer provides us are key to finding high-value prospects for sales and marketing to prioritize,” says Chris Turley, Head, Revenue Operations, AdRoll.

Features and focus

Infer claims that Glance is a fully customizable application that allows companies to highlight the top positive and negative prospect signals that are most relevant for their business. The solution enables reps to share feedback about whether they think a certain predictive score should be higher or lower, thus increasing sales adoption and improving the accuracy, efficacy and performance of a predictive model over time. The app has been made available as a Salesforce plugin. Infer also claims that Glance will be released for additional CRM and marketing automation platforms later this year.

“Companies today are moving beyond opaque lead scoring strategies and demanding technologies that extract more transparent and actionable intelligence from data. Infer is at the forefront of this movement, and Glance is another addition to the platform that underpins our mission to empower sales and marketing teams by making predictive models more open, accessible and easy for sales reps to understand,” says Sean Zinsmeister, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Infer.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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