AT&T, IBM join forces to help developers build IoT solutions

Dallas-based AT&T has put one more step forward in Internet of Things (IoT) business as it has joined hands with IBM to fast-track its IoT initiatives. Both of them will integrate their strengths in cognitive computing and global connectivity to create open standards-based tools on the IBM Cloud that will enable developers to build and execute wide range of IoT solutions. Recently, At&T has launched an all-in-one IoT Starter Kit for developers who are willing to commence their IoT projects. The kit will enable the developers to quickly build IoT solutions using AT&T IoT Platforms and Microsoft Azure cloud, analytics and visualization tools. IBM is also working with AT&T for the kit which claims to ease the workflow. The developers will be able to take advantage of combined AT&T and IBM technologies in one toolkit for a complete set of IoT tools to start their IoT projects. Harriet Green, General Manager, IBM Watson IoT, Commerce & Education said, “We have heard the call from developers and businesses for more tools to make IoT a reality and together with AT&T, we are bringing together powerful platforms and services to drive collaborative innovation. This collaboration enables individual developers to tap the power of cognitive computing and combine it with massive amounts of data streaming from billions of connected devices, sensors and systems to create solutions that can help transform businesses and society alike.” IBM and AT&T are also getting into open-source based tools such as Node-Red, and open standards like MQTT, which are needed to create IoT solutions. Moreover, it will enables developers to add power of IBM’s Watson cognitive computing and AT&T’s IoT Platforms like Flow Designer and M2X, and access to its global network. The companies claim that the amalgamation of both will result into a different level of IoT possibilities and solutions for developers to leverage well into the future.

How AT&T will be benefited from IBM’s capabilities

  • Developers will be able to use IBM’s open and secured Watson IoT platform and Bluemix services along with AT&T IoT platform in order to gain deeper insights from data collected from connected devices.
  • Developers can explore these enhanced capabilities and create innovative IoT apps such as an asset tracker app that could show the location of an asset. When coupled with weather data from The Weather Company, businesses could predict delays in the supply chain or reroute deliveries due to bad weather.
  • IBM Watson facilitates users to get connected to devices in a secured environment and build applications by looking for advanced analytics and cognitive services.
The AT&T Flow Designer is a cloud-based tool which lets developers create and deploy IoT apps. The solution will be available as-a-service on the IBM Cloud. Developers can use it to make apps supporting connected cities, industrial equipment, cars, homes and health devices.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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