Box Shuttle: A new faster migration to cloud plan for enterprises

The biggest challenge for companies migrating data to cloud is the time it takes; add to that the tools required and the know-how. Content management company, Box, has come up with Shuttle — a content migration service — to move data quickly.

Box Shuttle offerings

  • Outline and organize the project: Shuttle draws an individualized migration plan with key milestones from inception to delivery and implementation guidance to ensure customer’s move stays on track. Box has tied up with third-party intermediaries, to lower common risks associated with migration.
  • Content analysis and lifecycle management: Often businesses have difficulty grasping what’s worth migrating in the first place. With content analysis and lifecycle management, Shuttle works with customers to determine what to keep live, purge, or archive as well as identify the security and governance requirements of selected data.
  • Add intelligence to the content: Box Shuttle can apply existing user permissions, metadata, retention policies, and other custom attributes as it moves the files into Box from customer’s previous environments.
  • Chasing progress: Box provides full visibility to customers throughout the migration process and gives users control over their data during the migration.
Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO, Box said, “People do their best work when they have the most relevant information at their fingertips, without sacrificing security, collaboration and productivity. That’s the power of the cloud. But moving off legacy systems – especially for enterprises with hundreds of terabytes of data – is a complex undertaking that often takes too much time and taxes resources. Box Shuttle makes the process faster, more secure and efficient. We aren’t just moving businesses to the cloud, we’re getting them there faster so they can focus on the collaboration and epic work that will drive their business.” Box Shuttle can be tailored to specific needs based on the amount and type of content as well as customer’s bandwidth and type of repository. Box Shuttle is currently available in beta and will be generally available in Fall 2016. The company claims it has “successfully executed more than 3,500 deployments” of migration, “totaling well over a million users” in the last four years.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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