Scanning among other productivity tools introduced by Dropbox

San Francisco-based Dropbox that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software has introduced a handful of productivity tools to streamline, unify, and secure work for enterprise users. The mobile application includes creating Microsoft Office documents on mobile devices, and a document scanner. The new plus button in the Dropbox iOS app adds a convenient way to create and save Office documents on the go, helping people work better together, wherever they are,” said Rob Howard, Director of Office Marketing at Microsoft. Employees can now add comments to any particular file, allowing them to give feedback by highlighting text or an image. A context menu in Mac Finder and Windows Explorer allows easy sharing.

Simplifying and unifying work

  • Tools for scanning documents: With Dropbox mobile app, it is now possible to scan documents and organize scans from whiteboards, receipts and sketches. The Dropbox Business users can even search inside the scans. Moreover, Dropbox has added support for scanning documents with the iPhone camera which enables the user to upload varied documents.
  • Create Microsoft Office docs on mobile: To create Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point files from mobile, it is required to press the new plus button and it gets saved in the Dropbox automatically.
  • Manage photos from computer: It is now feasible to upload pictures from a mobile device to a computer via Dropbox. The user need to connect a computer to Dropbox account for better access, organize, or remove photos and avoid running out of space.
  • Share files and folders from desktop: This feature has actually deducted the steps which are needed while sharing a file. All the user need to do is right-click on a file or folder in Mac Finder or Windows Explorer and share right from the desktop, without redirecting to the web, or copying a link to email.
Dropbox has upgraded its security too. Recovery and restoration of old data is possible with “Version History”. The user can preview prior file versions before restoring them. Also it the user wants to work with a particular group, the new sharing feature gives more control as it is possible to share single file with selective people (who need to log in and see). A new security feature has been introduced by the cloud service provider to give a secured access to business administrators to audit logs, which also records the interactions made by everyone on that particular file. The logs can be seen via an online administrator console which is open through company’s API.

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