FinalCode extends file security services to IBM customers

FinalCode, a file security platform provider, has joined the IBM PartnerWorld program and has received IBM Business Partner designation today. IBM PartnerWorld is a global marketing and enablement program designed to help IBM Business Partners take advantage of market opportunities and generate new revenue. With this partnership, the company claims to enable businesses to secure access to and usage of sensitive data in files that need to be shared within and outside an organization, while supporting an organization’s investment in IBM’s enterprise content management (ECM) portfolio. “As ECM platforms continue development to leverage mobile, cloud and social technologies, file collaboration has evolved to become a business necessity while posing serious security implications. As such, our customers want to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to their sensitive data,” said Joe Rogers, CEO. RGB Projects, an IBM Business Partner.
We found that FinalCode presents a compelling approach to ensuring file data protection and privacy compliance that complements our customers’ investment in IBM.
FinalCode explains that ECM platforms provide extensive file management, collaboration and security services, but once sensitive data is obtained by an authorized recipient outside the secure ECM container, file protection and accountability are diminished, as are data privacy breach safe harbors. “We are enthused to be working with IBM partners and customers to help them eliminate data leakage risks that are introduced by the necessity of pervasive file collaboration,” said John Grillos, Senior Vice President, Sales, FinalCode.
By adding FinalCode’s file security functions to IBM’s market leading ECM technologies, customers gain enhanced file sharing protection that preserves diverse business workflows.
Furthermore, it explains that governance can be flexibly extended to files leaving the on premise or cloud-based ECM repository through FinalCode’s file-centric digital rights management (DRM) platform, without disrupting user experience and in a way that works for external collaborators. According to the company, it provides cost-effective services that can be deployed according to project, department and business application needs and includes file-based information rights management (IRM) for external users at no additional cost. Also, as FinalCode deals with file security, and not storage, transport or content management, it claims that its scalable approach can readily integrate with a company’s IBM ECM infrastructure.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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