Fujitsu to offer Box as part of its digital business platform MetaArc

Japanese Information and Communication Technology Company (ICT), Fujitsu has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with content management company Box, to offer latter as a part of its Digital Business Platform MetaArc, beginning 2017. As a part of the unbinding understanding, Box will also be used by Fujitsu for its internal communication. Box will also control the storage expansion costs which grows upwards as the volume of the data storage increases. Both the companies will also aim to expand the collaboration into the global market, including joint investment in Asia, which include developing solutions that integrate Box, and conduct joint sales and marketing. Hiroyuki Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, Head of Global Marketing, Fujitsu, said, “Fujitsu’s objective is to bring digital transformation to life by creating a secure, user-friendly, and simple environment where people can thrive. Our collaboration with Box will be a big step towards making this vision a reality.”
“This partnership will help us to provide our customers with new business opportunities by harnessing cloud-computing technologies. It fits perfectly with our strategy, and it will contribute significantly to the future of ICT in Japan.”
Fujitsu has aimed to build global group-wide communications platform since January 2012 and looks for the opportunities where it can provide communication platform as solutions, which can be supportive to the customers from a wide range of industries. Also, Fujitsu is targeting to develop solutions with a greater level of convenience to satisfy the needs of the customers; just like Fujitsu’s new service ScanSnap Cloud that enables ScanSnap customers to streamline workflows by delivering scanned data directly to their cloud service without the need for a computer or mobile device. With Box, Fujitsu intends to provide solutions that integrate the advanced ICT of MetaArc, a digital business platform for a content management platform with even higher quality.

Fujitsu-Box partnership synopsis

  • Deploy Box to Fujitsu’s Global Communication Platform: Fujitsu will explore deploying Box to its globally integrated communication platform, and expects to begin making it available to its approximately 160,000 employees worldwide in the latter half of fiscal year ending in March 2017.
  • Introduce Box at all Fujitsu’s data centers in Japan: Fujitsu plans to offer Box as one part of its MetaArc service beginning in 2017. This will allow Box content to be stored in Fujitsu data centers located in Japan, meeting the needs of those customers who require data storage at data centers inside the country.
  • Develop solutions that integrate Box, and conduct joint sales and marketing: Box and Fujitsu intend to jointly develop solutions for CRM, ECM, and industry-specific solutions such as for manufacturing, retail, and public sectors. This will be done by integrating Box with Fujitsu’s solutions, specialized for various industries and with advanced features such as security, mobile devices, network capability, and palm vein authentication. To promote these, Fujitsu and Box intend to jointly conduct marketing activities.
  • Global rollout: Following successful collaborative efforts in Japan, Fujitsu and Box intend to explore ways to target a wider global market. In Asia, a particularly promising region for growth, the companies will consider expanding their collaboration with an eye toward joint investments in sales and marketing activities so as to better address the requirements of local customers.
Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO, Box, stated, “Global businesses today are more connected, collaborative and global thanks to the power of the cloud. Fujitsu’s move to Box underlines its appetite for improved ways of working in the new digital era. The intended partnership will help power digital transformation for customers and we’re excited at the possibilities to accelerate international growth with Fujitsu.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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