Gemalto launches new IoT solution for smart objects

Netherlands-based Gemalto, a major SIM card manufacturer and digital security firm, launched its LinqUs IoT Quality of Service (QoS) offer, that will help mobile operators monitor the mobile QoS of smart objects. The service will provide instant network status and analysis, highlighting any issue by ensuring a rich array of data. By accessorising its IoT infrastructure with better performance, Gemalto’s LinqUs IoT Quality of Service aims to cater to a wide range of use cases, including automotive, fleet management, smart grid, alarm panels and connected PoS applications.

How will it help mobile operators?

With LinqUs IoT QoS, mobile operators can provide their device manufacturer and service provider clients with absolute statistics of network and connectivity performances that would help them facilitate service level agreements and create a means of differentiation. The platform can also be deployed on the operator’s premises or in the cloud for fully outsourced management by Gemalto. IoT QoS clients embedded in the device can gather real time data and keep updating them at regular intervals. Gemalto would decode the information gathered by LinqUs IoT QoS by projecting it via tailored Advanced Analytics, Customer Service and service level agreement measurement dashboards. Hence, the client would get an at-a-glance overview of the connectivity status of an entire fleet of devices, along with reporting and map views. “Reliable connectivity is the foundation of successful investment in the IoT sector,” said David Buhan, Senior Vice President of Mobile Subscriber Services for Gemalto. Quoting some recent survey Buhan said that more than 90% of operators believe they need to extend monitoring of their customers’ experience to cover expanding IoT services. LinqUs IoT Quality of Service gives them the ideal tool to analyze performance, demonstrate their capabilities and deliver outstanding levels of service to clients. In a new world of mobility where people are increasingly engaging in more innovative connected services that make their life easi​er, more questions about security and privacy are hitting the stage. At Mobile World Congress 2016, Gemalto will demonstrate the new LinqUs IoT QoS platform remote monitoring in real time while explaining how to make the new world of mobility safer and more convenient in the Internet of Things, eCommerce and mPayment. ​


For Mobile operators
  • Pro-actively detects network issues for faster resolution
  • Automatic data mining provides a clear view of network performance
  • Advanced SLA dashboard provides key differentiator service to IoT clients
For ​IoT device makers and service providers
  • Increase device connectivity and reliability
  • Advanced SLA dashboard to control KPIs
  • Flexible solution for data collection ​
Gemalto, this week, received certification of its Cinterio Cat 1 LTE M2M module from Verizon, which deems the Internet of Things optimized module carrier grade. Category 1, a standardized designation defining downlink threshold of up to 10 Mbps and uplink threshold of up to 5 Mbps, are being deployed in machine-to-machine and IoT use cases where long battery life is important and a high level of throughput isn’t necessary. Gemalto spokeswoman, Ellen Lynch explained: “This is important because the majority of M2M/IoT solutions – smart meters, telematics, tracking and tracing, smart city and smart home applications – are not dependent on sizzling speeds or huge bandwidth. Gemalto’s future-proof solution provides cost efficiency, reduced module size and improved power efficiency – just what the marketplace needs to drive growth and meet expectations of 1 billion connections by 2020.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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