GitHub Enterprise available as dedicated service now on IBM's Bluemix

San Francisco based GitHub, a collaborative platform for developers has announced a strategic partnership with IBM to advance the development of next generation cloud applications for enterprise customers. GitHub introduced GitHub Enterprise late in 2011, which is GitHub that can be run on a local server. With this partnership, GitHub Enterprise will now be available on IBM’s cloud platform Bluemix. It will be catering the customers across private and hybrid cloud environments. It will let developers create customized apps within IBM Cloud without having to burden themselves with overhead costs of infrastructure. Code collaboration, code reuse, and review are built into the development process, offering managed, collaborative coding for large-scale enterprise software development teams. GitHub recently announced a massive update to GitHub Enterprise — version 2.5, with a clear focus on “companies operating at massive scale”. The new toolset for GitHub Enterprise 2.5 helps large teams add new users, collaborate safely on large projects, and deal with GitHub-related performance issues that can crop up around such large projects. Chris Wanstrath, co-founder and CEO of GitHub stated, “Great software is no longer a nice-to-have in the enterprise, and developers expect to be able to build software quickly and collaboratively. By making GitHub Enterprise available on the IBM Cloud, even more companies will be able to tap into the power of social coding, and build the best software, faster.”

What GitHub Enterprise will have on IBM Cloud:

  • IBM Bluemix: The offering will be integrated with Bluemix’s broad portfolio of DevOps tools, including access to more than 140 APIs and services for cognitive and IoT app development, as well as new sources of data.
  • Nimble development: As it will facilitate the developers to observe, cooperate, integrate APIs, rehearse, deploy and update on a solo platform, this partnership will provide large corporations with such an environment that can be used to form irreplaceable, competitive applications at the same speed as smaller, disruptive companies.
  • Hybrid: GitHub Enterprise will make available its services through Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Loacl which are the versions of the IBM Cloud platform. It will permit the enterprises to outspread their cloud through public, dedicated and on- premises server environments.
  • Security: IBM will make sure that it assimilate through the security scanning technologies in the Bluemix GitHub Enterprise Service for clients who want to safeguard themselves from the susceptibilities that may get injected during the development. This provides enterprises with a way to help secure hybrid development pipelines and development.
“Offering the first Github Enterprise service in a dedicated and local environment on IBM ‘s Cloud will fuel the rapidly growing population of enterprise developers as they build next generation cloud apps collaboratively and securely,” said Bill Karpovich, General Manager, IBM Cloud Platform. “They’ll gain the benefits of an open platform, as well as the security of a private infrastructure for managing their development process.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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