IBM extends partnership with 21Vianet to deploy Blockchain in China

IBM seems to be interested in pushing blockchain aggressively and this time it is aiming at China. IBM and 21Vianet, a provider of Internet data center services has announced a partnership to include blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced cloud data services on IBM’s Cloud platform, Bluemix in China. IBM and 21Vianet had partnered in 2015 to bring IBM Bluemix to China. With the extension of this partnership, IBM aims to bring a complete set of blockchain and IoT services to China’s burgeoning developer community. The availability of IBM Blockchain services on IBM Bluemix in China complements IBM’s recent announcement of the availability of signed blockchain code image, which will allow Chinese companies to download, easily install and run a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network on Docker-enabled environments. Ernie Hu, General Manager, Cloud, IBM China stated, “Today’s launch of blockchain and our IoT platform through the IBM Cloud is a tremendous boon for Chinese companies. Providing the infrastructure of Bluemix, combined with these latest technologies from both IBM and a growing roster of partners and Chinese service providers, will equip our country’s developers with the set of tools they need to fuel more intelligent and advanced innovations across China’s fastest-growing industries, including manufacturing and financial services.” The same set of blockchain services will be accessible and offered on IBM Bluemix via cloud. As a result, blockchain will be available to a large number of developers and it will assist them to drive greater blockchain technical and business innovations in China for a number of industries that comprises of financial services, supply chains, IoT, risk management, digital rights management and healthcare.

IBM and Cisco’s move

IBM and Cisco that partnered earlier this year in June are aiming to expand their global team up by tapping the power of Bluemix and IBM’s IoT technologies, combined with Cisco’s specialized analytics for data at the edge of a network. With this, the Chinese companies can monitor their remote equipment in real-time, helping to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Steve Zhang, CEO, 21Vianet said, “Today, IBM Bluemix operated by 21Vianet is able to help Chinese companies transform and extend their cloud services to developers, helping to support entrepreneurship. We also plan to continue working with IBM to build a robust and comprehensive cloud ecosystem in China, combining our 20 years of experience in data center operations with IBM’s advanced cloud services and deep technical expertise. This will give Chinese businesses the right mix of tools to innovate and succeed.” IBM claims that its cloud platform one of the largest open public cloud deployments in the world and it features over 150 tools and services. With its entry into Chinese marketspace, it will make sure that Chinese cloud apps remain interoperable, giving the country’s tech economy a solid foundation to springboard future innovation.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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