IBM Watson's Project DataWorks to provide AI-powered data-insights

IBM Watson has unveiled an novel initiative claiming it to be the industry’s first cloud-based data and analytics platform to integrate all types of data and enable AI-powered decision-making. Targeting data professionals and business leaders, ‘Project DataWorks’, makes it simple to collect, organize, govern and secure data to gain insights needed to become a cognitive business.


Big Blue states that business understand the advantage of data insights. However, getting insights are complex as most of the work is done by skilled data professionals who work in silos with disconnected tools and data services that may be difficult to manage, integrate, and govern. Also, because data is never static, businesses continually iterate their data models and products manually to gain from the most relevant, up-to-date insights. “We are at an inflection point with data and analytics. We know that clients spend up to 80% of their time on data preparation, no matter the task, even when they are preparing to take advantage of today’s advanced AI and machine learning approaches,” said Bob Picciano, senior vice president, IBM Analytics.
“Project DataWorks helps transform this challenge by tapping into cognitive capabilities to integrate all data sources on one common platform, enabling individuals to get the data ready for insight and action, faster than ever before.”

How does the solution work?

Available on Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud platform, Project DataWorks claims to help businesses break down data insight barriers by connecting all data and insights for their users. All data-driven professionals can work together on an integrated, self-service platform, sharing common datasets and models in a trusted manner that helps ensure governance, while rapidly iterating data projects and products. Using this, clients can focus on uncovering business insights instead of spending time finding and preparing data for analysis.

Cognitive Application

How will it help?

According to the company, Project DataWorks fosters collaboration and taps into Apache Spark, IBM Watson Analytics, and the IBM Data Science Experience. It is designed to help organizations automate the deployment of data assets and products using cognitive-based machine learning and Apache Spark. It claims to ingest data from 50 to hundreds of Gbps, and all endpoints such as enterprise databases, IoT, weather, and social media. The platform also leverages an open ecosystem of more than 20 partners and technologies such as Confluence, Galvanize, NumFocus, Alation, Continuum Analytics, RStudio and Skymind. Project DataWorks is also supported by cognitive-based machine learning, which helps speed up the process from data discovery to model deployment, and helps businesses uncover new insights.


From DataWorks to DataFirst

Apart from DataWorks Project, Big blue also announced a methodology that enables organizations to assess the skills and roadmap needed to transform into a cognitive business that is driven by insight and gains the most value from data. Calling it the DataFirst Method, IBM plans to help clients derive the full benefits of data innovations and insights. IBM claims that it is a struggle for enterprises to create value from the increasing data that is produced and therefore need a clear roadmap to help progress the use of this data. By using IBM DataFirst Method, more than 2,000 global practitioners can utilize proven practices and methods to help clients transform their processes for data discovery, handling and analytics, states the company. Management Console Coming back to DataWorks Project, IBM claims that the new platform was designed with the same proven approach used by The Weather Company, an IBM Business, to help users gain insights that impact everyday decision-making for both businesses and consumers. This includes flexible data architecture, rapid ingestion of multiple data sources, and internet-scale data and analytics. Big blue claims to also enable business partners to certify offerings within Project DataWorks, providing customers with greater choice to use the latest open source technologies and third-party offerings.

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