Microsoft and Jabil predict errors or failures before they happen

Jabil the design and manufacturing solution providers has built its predictive analytics solution on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. As announced by Microsoft Corp, the new platform predicts errors or failures on the assembly floor before they occur, saving its customers time and money while delivering superior quality and shortened product lead times throughout the entire supply chain.

Jabil has rolled out the platform in Penang, Malaysia, and Guadalajara, Mexico, and plans to deploy the solution to its facilities worldwide. When it comes to digital manufacturing, quality assurance across the assembly line is important and by getting to know about errors, slowdowns and potential failures before than after they occur can help companies be more proactive and improve productivity.

Microsoft’s collaboration with Jabil is using Azure services to analyze millions of data points from machines running dozens of steps throughout the manufacturing process. Through Azure Machine Learning, Jabil can help predict failures earlier in the process, for example, at error in step two or three can be analyzed and rectified instead of going any further.

Clint Belinsky, Vice President, Global Quality, Jabil, says, “Since deploying the Microsoft predictive analytics solutions we have seen at least an 80 percent accuracy rate in the prediction of machine processes that will slow down or fail, contributing to a scrap and rework savings of 17 percent. As our customers constantly look for ways to innovate, it is very impactful to show them a predictive solution that will ensure quality and increase their speed to market.”

In addition to time and cost savings through the reduction of waste, Jabil’s operators and engineers can also proactively make adjustments to equipment based on predictions, eliminating the need for unnecessary inspections that cause downtime.

“Jabil’s digital transformation on the factory floor will reshape its industry. As product cycle times shorten and products get smarter, Jabil understands how the intelligent cloud combined with predictive analytics will help it support the needs of its customers,” says Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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